Tolly P. Salz

Too often, we focus on the negatives in our day:  a recent outbreak of lice, a crying child who refuses to be consoled, piles of laundry that seem to breed without end, random patches of grass in the yard that simply will not grow.  And what if that particular day brought also a nasty dose of identity theft, just in case you needed some extra excitement in your life?

Well, you can sit and pout, feeling sorry for yourself; or, you can get out and do something to change not the situation, but instead, your attitude toward it.  Some problems we can tackle on our own; others call for backup.

When was the last time you made a visit to your local Department of Public Safety?  It’s amazing:  Just when I thought I was having a bad day, spending two hours at the HPPD helped me put everything in perspective. 

I think I have problems?  Not even close.  I think my day is busy?  Ha.  I’m overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated?  I don’t think so. 

Every single person in that station tonight went above and beyond to help me, to listen to me, even to make me laugh—all while they were doing their job to keep every one of us in our community safe.  I know because I watched them working for two straight hours, behind the scenes, just doing their jobs.  And not once did I hear anyone utter the words, “Thank you.”

Granted, we aren’t always there to say thank you to these people who help make our community what it is.  But perhaps we should make an effort to do so.  The next time you’re out, stop by your local Department of Public Safety.  Bring some doughnuts or other overly clichéd treat—it doesn’t really matter.  Just take the time to say thank you.

The gratitude I have for these officers far overpowers the negatives I feel about my day.  And so, to all who work in the Town of Highland Park’s Department of Public Safety, I just want to say, “Thanks.”

You really made my day.

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