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Apr 17 2011

by Tolly P. Salz

  • Time of violation: 3:10 PM
  • Location of violation: near Armstrong Elementary School
  • Violation: Blocking neighbor's driveway


I consider myself a very good driver. I don't speed in school zones, park in handicapped spaces, or drag race down residential streets. I can parallel park with the best of 'em, I use my turn signal almost religiously, and I think that people who don't let me out of my driveway are rude.

Which brings me to today's violation: a terribly ugly silver minivan blocking someone's driveway this afternoon near Armstrong Elementary School.

As I walked with my child (not in hand but rather three feet behind me), I came upon a childhood friend talking with a neighbor (who, incidentally, was hand-in-hand with her child). We chatted briefly, and then, as if late to understanding the punch line of some joke, I realized what they were talking about—the offensive grey mass preventing exit or entry into a fenced-in driveway.

And then, to my horror, I realized that the automobile so beautifully parallel parked was, in fact, my very own. I was parked parallel to the curb all right, except for the fact that the curb happened to be nonexistent in the spot I had created for myself. Total idiot move.

But I've got to tell you something: the homeowner was beyond gracious, and in her own way, didn't treat me like an idiot at all—even though I probably deserved it. Her kindness—her forgiveness, even—touched me and reminded me what it is to be a good neighbor, something that in my haste and narrow-sightedness I had forgotten.

So as we travel throughout our community, as we walk together with one another, let's tread softly, and kindly, with eyes wide open, focused thoughtfully on the road ahead.

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