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18 Hours at Round Top With an Interior DesignerThe gasps could’ve been heard from three tents away. It was collective at first: a resounding “oh my goodness!” signaling to the shop owners and passersby that a treasure had been unearthed. It’s the call of victory in Round Top, where vintage items such as the newly found Venetian mirror drive hordes of antique vendors, shop owners, and junk lovers to the pine-tree-and-wildflower-lined, eleven-mile stretch of tents and barns for two weeks every March and October.The silver mirror, resembling a stretched octagon in shape, is etched with floral designs and has a scalloped edge. Found in the Summit Mercantile tent at Blue Hills, the piece officially became the first thrill of the day for interior designer Audrey Scheck and her eight-woman team of treasure hunters.…

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