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The options can be overwhelming at modern barbecue joints. Which of the half-dozen meats, eight sides, or four desserts—not to mention the specials—do you choose? The team at Goldee’s Barbecue, in Fort Worth, decided to ease that burden when it opened Ribbee’s in a repurposed Sonic this month. As the name suggests, Ribbee’s serves only ribs, and they all come in the same $20 meal box with fries, slaw, and a roll. The only catch is you’ll have to get out of your car despite the familiar drive-in setting.Jonny White, Jalen Heard, and Lane Milne are all co-owners of Ribbee’s, as they are at Goldee’s, but this has been White’s baby. Barbecue wasn’t cheap in early 2020 when they first opened Goldee’s (currently our number…

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