Mom’s Best Friend has Voted ”Best Sitter/Nanny Source” Three Years In a Row.
Many factors contribute to the success of our agency, some of them would include, our quick response to emergency requests, our ability to customize the care request of each client. Perhaps the most prominent would be the professionalism of our staff and our extensive screening process.

Mom’s Best Friend screens each of our candidates thoroughly. We bring each of our applicants into our office to meet with them face to face and ensure that they are as sharp in person as they are on paper. 

As mentioned above, we make it a point to customize our client’s requests. We do this by asking specific questions regarding their child’s age, personality, and daily routine. We strive to match each family with their best candidate each time they request care. 

Of course, we couldn’t be a success without our incredible nannies.  All of our nannies love children and feel that working with them is extremely rewarding. One of our nannies recently shared the following with me.

 Working with Mom’s Best Friend has been such a wonderful experience! I love working as a temporary sitter because I have met so many great families! I love the opportunity to go all over the metroplex and see how different families do life. I enjoy children of all ages, so it has given me such pleasure to spend my time caring for the most valuable assets of a family!! “

Mom’s Best  Friend’s sitter service also provides great relief for the working Mom who can often find herself in a last minute bind. Michele G. , one of our temporary clients, emailed me the following feedback.

From the very first day our nanny was amazing! She came in and was immediately engaged with my son, despite his crabbiness from being sick. She knew I was anxious about leaving him with a new nanny and contacted me throughout the day with updates. She also took notes on how he ate and took his medicine. When I came home the second day of care, I walked in to see my son sitting on her lap as she read to him.  It was yet another very good experience. Thank  you so much for vetting these nannies and providing such a necessary service to working Moms.”

Perhaps you are like Michele. A working Mom who relies heavily on the “back up” plan you have scheduled when your original plan falls through. Or maybe you are a Mom who would love a weekly date night, but doesn’t always have a reliable sitter. I encourage you to contact our temporary team today. Allow us to be your perfect sitter solution!

Mom's Best Friend

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