Does this sound familiar? You’re tired, anxious, possibly in pain and now you need to make a very important decision with very limited information. Either you need a caregiver for yourself because you are recovering from injury or illness, or you are tasked to find one for a loved one.

“Often people think their only choice is a nursing home or similar facility,” said Claire M. Maestri, Director of Senior Care Services at MBF Agency (“Mothers Best Friend”), which assists clients in the Park Cities and Dallas in hiring caregivers, personal assistants, in-home chefs, housekeepers and other household staff.

“Most people would prefer to be at home if possible, but they worry their care is too extensive or they are nervous about finding someone they like and trust. Recent news stories of abuse, neglect or flat-out criminal behavior by some caregivers make the stakes even higher.”

Maestri sees these family issues every day as she helps families find home caregivers who will provide greater independence for the person needing care, and peace of mind for the family that their loved one is in good hands.

“Many families are pleasantly surprised to find out that a home caregiver can handle a wide range of medical situations, which allows more people to stay at home rather than in expensive facilities,” adds Maestri.

She offers these points to consider when determining when selecting the best caregiver for your situation.

How much medical support do you need?

A caregiver supports someone who can’t take care of himself or herself because of illness, injury or general decline. Their job descriptions vary, but often they include personal care such as help with dressing, bathing and grooming, and housekeeping. They cook meals, do the grocery shopping and can drive you or your loved one to doctor appointments.

A certified nursing assistant (CNA), performs these duties as well, but they have extra medical training – a minimum of 75 hours of instruction. All provide basic medical support like administering medications and injections, taking blood, tracking blood pressure and care for wounds and bedsores. They generally cost more because of their extra training.

What about dementia? “Caregivers are qualified to assist patients with mild dementia as long as the client has no medical conditions,” notes Maestri. “A CNA is typically chosen for anyone with diabetes, a previous heart attack or stroke, or ambulatory problems.”

Is your agency as rigorous as you are?

“This is not the time to try and do everything yourself,” says Maestri. “A professional agency will remove the stress and do the legwork for you. Be sure they are as rigorous as you would be if you had the time to sift through hundreds of applications.”

  1. Nationwide background and criminal checks. Criminals tend to move around so don’t just settle for a local check.
  2. All references checked. “You’d be surprised how few employers actually conduct background checks,” notes Maestri. “When they do, many will stop at one or two and possibly miss important information. We check all past employers whether they are given as a reference or not.”
  3. DMV checked. “If this person is driving you to appointments or to the store, you want to make sure they don’t have a lot of violations on their record,” adds Maestri.
  4. Sex offender search.
  5. Drug and health screening.
  6. Credit check.
  7. Verification of Social Security and other legal documents. “With identify theft so rampant, you want to make sure your caregiver isn’t actually ‘borrowing’ someone else’s good reputation,” cautions Maestri.
  8. In-person interviews. You don’t just want someone who looks good on paper. They need to be presentable and personable if they are going to spend long periods in your home.

Be sure to also to ask for their references as well as the potential caregiver’s.

“Regardless of whether you choose a caregiver or a certified nurse assistant, these helpers are companions as well as support,” notes Maestri. “It is as important to find a personality fit as it is to find competence. With the agency thoroughly vetting the candidates, chemistry and ‘fit’ into your family is the part of the process for you to determine.”

Many Park Cities families who hire a home caregiver rely on Mom’s Best Friend Agency. MBF provides one-on-one customer service, personalized matching and the highest-caliber candidates. All caregivers receive first aid and CPR training as well as attending a professional development class.

Mom's Best Friend


Life can feel cluttered, frantic and impossible. When there are simply too many items on your to-do list, and no time left for rest and relaxation, it’s time for a change. For many people, the best solution might be a personal assistant.

“When you have a business, a family, and all of the responsibilities of a household, it can be impossible to keep all of the plates spinning,” said Kim Winblood, owner of MBF Agency, which assists clients in hiring personal assistants, in-home chefs, housekeepers and other household staff. “With a personal assistant, you can offload a wide range of activities, from paying bills to grocery shopping and organizational projects. It can truly change your life and increase your level of freedom.”

A personal assistant can help:

  • Busy families with a large number of activities and commitments
  • Moms who are trying to juggle their children, spouse, extracurricular activities and more
  • Working women who need help with personal errands and family obligations
  • Small business owners who need time to work on and grow their businesses

A well-trained and educated personal assistant can help with a wide range of services, including:

  • Administrative work
  • Travel arrangements
  • Financial support, such as paying bills
  • Special event planning
  • Gift purchasing and wrapping
  • Errands
  • Moving
  • Household management, such as working with vendors and managing organizational projects

While some households utilize a personal assistant full-time, it is possible to bring help in on a part-time basis, Winblood said.

“For example, you might have a standing appointment to have help come in on Mondays,” she said. “They could have set weekly activities you’ve established, such as going grocery shopping or taking clothes to the cleaners. And then, your assistant could work on projects like going through the kids’ old clothes, weeding out closets or helping plan a trip.”

By hiring a personal assistant, you can reap multiple rewards, such as:

  • More time and flexibility. A personal assistant can handle time-consuming, mundane tasks such as errands and shopping. This increases the amount of time you can devote to work, family or relaxation. Plus, when important events arise, you don’t have to worry that clothes won’t be picked up from the cleaners, bills won’t be paid or food won’t be in the refrigerator.
  • Peace of mind. Relying on friends, babysitters or family members can sometimes result in disappointment. Your to-do item likely doesn’t rank as high on their list as you would like. By relying on a professional personal assistant, you are guaranteed high-quality, reliable service stated in their contract. Your priorities are their priorities, too.
  • Reduced stress. You simply cannot be two places at once. By hiring someone to handle certain tasks, you can focus on the most important and enjoyable elements of your schedule. Plus, you will have some much-needed downtime for exercise, a trip to the spa, an outing with the kids or a romantic dinner with your honey.
  • Improved productivity. What if you had four hands? With a personal assistant, you will! Imagine how many tasks you can accomplish with an extra set of legs and even more brainpower.

Many Park Cities families who hire a personal assistant rely on MBF Agency. MBF provides one-on-one customer service, personalized matching and the highest-caliber candidates. Personal assistants have a B.A., B.S. or B.B.A., excellent oral and written communications skills, and computer proficiency, as well as knowledge of business and social protocol. 

Mom's Best Friend
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Dear Neighborhood,

One of the amazing things about being a female of Generation X is that we were always told we could succeed at any career and live our lives with less cultural restraint than the Baby Boomers had at our age. The irony is that we are now expected to “do it all”. Let’s be honest, Boomers and Generation Xers are facing the challenge to “do it all”. Under that very broad umbrella includes caring for aging parents, grandparents and great grandparents. 

We have figured out how to “do it all” by spreading out the responsibilities, it’s the only way that we can manage. We depend on homework helpers, nannies, create carpools, iPhone apps, master color coded computer calendars with automatic alerts, and most of all our spouse or partner. So where does that leave room for the additional surviving generation with whom we want to spend quality time? Our guts cringe at the thought of a smelly “nursing home.” However, there are great retirement living options, especially in DFW!  And of course there are senior care caregivers who can help at home.

There is a lot of guilt associated with the “do it all” mentality. I know that on many days I don’t feel like one area of my life received my full attention. There is also even more guilt when we are not emotionally prepared to face the issues that come with age. There are a number of needs, mostly physical, that we are not comfortable with providing such as: changing adult briefs and feeding someone pureed food. Medical professionals are accustomed to providing these services and often have unrealistic expectations for families. 

The best way to spread this responsibility without carrying guilt is to set realistic expectations, set clear boundaries and spread the responsibility to a hired caregiver on whom you can depend and trust. Know ahead of time what you are able to do, and unable to do and ask for help! Do not let others, be it doctors, friends or family members, guilt you into more than you can handle. The time with your aging loved one should be enjoyable, for you and your loved one. A Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care caregiver can carry the burden of the work and provide you with a happy, healthy parent or grandparent.

Claire Maestri
Director of Senior Care Services

Mom's Best Friend


I have been working in the household staffing industry for many years now in a variety of roles.  My experience has allowed me to observe many important aspects about the indispensable role of a Mom.  Every Mom’s parenting technique may be different, but a Mom knows that consistency for their child is a priority. My own childhood taught me that Mom is the jewel of the family. She’s the first lady and the apple of her children’s eye.

In my role as the Temporary Staffing Director of Mom’s Best Friend, I’ve learned that April is typically the month in which most Moms realize that summer is right around the corner. Panic quickly ensues. Just the thought of being helpless amidst the circus of summer can fill a Mom with enormous amounts of anxiety. For many Moms, this anxiety causes frenzy, and they quickly take it upon themselves to find the perfect summer solution. This common reaction can prove to be counter-productive simply because a Mom’s plate is already overflowing.

Recently, I read an informative article explaining how a parent should successfully secure a summer nanny. In the article, the writer referred to an “easy” to-do list to do so. However, the list was long and as I worked my way through it, I cringed at the thought of a Mom trying to execute each item without a little help.

I have personally observed how a Mom greatly benefits from a summer nanny. I guess that’s why the article piqued my interest. A summer nanny runs kids to summer camp and swimming lessons. She manages crowd control for your child’s summer birthday party. She keeps your child on track for school by tutoring or helping with “that” summer project. Most importantly, a summer nanny keeps Mom from walking off the cliffs of insanity! One of our clients is a career Mom with two very active kiddos. For the past two summers, she has been able to secure the same nanny. She feels such relief knowing that each summer her children will be able to hang out with the woman who is more than just a nanny. She is a part of the family.

Maybe you’re not even sure if a summer nanny is the answer. Regardless, it helps to have the listening ear of a professional who specializes in meeting the needs of families all over the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. In fact, most of our staff can speak from personal experience as a Mom or a nanny.

If you’re a Mom who can already feel the heat from the summer sun and the shade of relief alludes you, I have a suggestion. Call Mom’s Best Friend.

Lauryn Everett
Placement Director, Temporary Division

Mom's Best Friend


Last Thursday I had a little time to kill before picking up my kiddos from school. I decided to run into a large chain department store and take a gander at the childrens’ spring play clothes. While approaching the Childrens’ department, I could hear a woman speaking loudly on her cell phone. I first walked by a large fixture of socks and as I rounded the corner, I ran into the toes of a wheelchair. I looked up and saw a woman seated in that wheelchair who I could tell was facing a long term need for assistance. She was wearing a purple jogging suit and tennis shoes without socks. Her left side was drawn into a palsy, indicating paralysis, and she leaned heavily on the arm of the chair. When I saw her face, I smiled and with great effort, she strained to look up at me and gave me a slow, large grin.

It was at that moment that I realized, the continuous phone conversation I could hear was her “caregiver”. She was easily identifiable, not because she was close to the woman, engaging her or even acknowledging her; but instead she was wearing Scooby Doo Valentine scrubs. Then her conversation caught my attention because she was openly discussing her financial situation regarding her paycheck and her pay for caring for the woman in the wheelchair. Yes, in front of the client and everyone in the Children’s department.

I was so bothered by the whole situation and thought long and hard about finding the good in the situation. After all, the caregiver had brought this woman on an outing. Then the reality of the indignity overtook my thoughts and I became enraged at the caregiver’s lack of respect for her client. 

I began to think about my list of caregivers and asked myself, would a Mom’s Best Friend Caregiver do this?  I was proud to confidently and quickly answer “No”. Our caregivers are well trained in the area of client dignity and care, as this caregiver was clearly uneducated regarding neglect and exploitation. Mom’s Best Friend takes careful time to teach our caregivers about client perception and how our clothing, mannerisms and behavior are a direct reflection on the type of care we provide.  We place provisions in our client’s service plan to identify appropriate outings that address the interests of the client and that achieve the highest benefit. And most of all, we provide continued support to our caregivers in the event that they need access to resources for personal concerns.

We all face challenges when looking for the right candidate to care for our loved ones. I hope that Mom’s Best Friend becomes a resource for you and your family.


Claire Maestri
Director of Senior Care Services

Mom's Best Friend


Mom’s Best Friend has Voted ”Best Sitter/Nanny Source” Three Years In a Row.
Many factors contribute to the success of our agency, some of them would include, our quick response to emergency requests, our ability to customize the care request of each client. Perhaps the most prominent would be the professionalism of our staff and our extensive screening process.

Mom’s Best Friend screens each of our candidates thoroughly. We bring each of our applicants into our office to meet with them face to face and ensure that they are as sharp in person as they are on paper. 

As mentioned above, we make it a point to customize our client’s requests. We do this by asking specific questions regarding their child’s age, personality, and daily routine. We strive to match each family with their best candidate each time they request care. 

Of course, we couldn’t be a success without our incredible nannies.  All of our nannies love children and feel that working with them is extremely rewarding. One of our nannies recently shared the following with me.

 Working with Mom’s Best Friend has been such a wonderful experience! I love working as a temporary sitter because I have met so many great families! I love the opportunity to go all over the metroplex and see how different families do life. I enjoy children of all ages, so it has given me such pleasure to spend my time caring for the most valuable assets of a family!! “

Mom’s Best  Friend’s sitter service also provides great relief for the working Mom who can often find herself in a last minute bind. Michele G. , one of our temporary clients, emailed me the following feedback.

From the very first day our nanny was amazing! She came in and was immediately engaged with my son, despite his crabbiness from being sick. She knew I was anxious about leaving him with a new nanny and contacted me throughout the day with updates. She also took notes on how he ate and took his medicine. When I came home the second day of care, I walked in to see my son sitting on her lap as she read to him.  It was yet another very good experience. Thank  you so much for vetting these nannies and providing such a necessary service to working Moms.”

Perhaps you are like Michele. A working Mom who relies heavily on the “back up” plan you have scheduled when your original plan falls through. Or maybe you are a Mom who would love a weekly date night, but doesn’t always have a reliable sitter. I encourage you to contact our temporary team today. Allow us to be your perfect sitter solution!

Mom's Best Friend


When looking back on the impact Steve Jobs made, we see a number of amazing products on the market that have greatly impacted our daily lives. When I have run into trouble, be it product malfunction or user ignorance, I consistently return to the Mac support system. I do this for one reason: No one knows how to utilize a Mac product better than a Mac employee.  Why? Specified training.

This leads me to then broaden the scope of this idea to senior care. When looking for a good caregiver, it is important to find a candidate who is specifically trained to work in your loved one’s home. The senior care community has inappropriately placed Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing caregivers in the private residences of those who desire to stay at home. This sets both the client and caregiver up for failure.  Caregivers who have worked in Long Term Care have a support system in that facility. There is a plethora of other staff that they rely on to provide other services beyond the basic dressing, bathing and grooming for which the caregiver is responsible. These caregivers have developed an incredible skill set in this area, but for the most part, their knowledge is limited to assisting with those basic needs.  So, when a caregiver with this skill set is placed in a home setting, they have not been trained or developed the skills to then assist with more general household tasks like meal preparation, wardrobe selection, proper transportation techniques and home repairs.

Mom’s Best Friend has recognized this problem and addresses the issue with an intensive training program. We provide a 40 hour online training program and an in house training program. The 40 hour online training addresses general concepts like home/environmental safety, good mobility, promoting independence, the aging process, cultural differences and nutrition/hydration. The in house training extends to luxury level care. This training includes: executive transportation, fine meal preparation and meal service, home revitalization, pet care, concierge engagement and administrative assistance.

When Mom’s Best Friend caregivers complete our training program, they build on previous job experience and skills to develop into someone you can rely on heavily as a family.  If you are looking for a caregiver or assistant to ensure the safety and happiness of your aging loved one, give us a call at 972-446-0500 x 224.


Claire Maestri
Director of Senior Care Services

Mom's Best Friend
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Michelle hung up the phone in disappointment. This was the third time in a row she had to cancel date night due to sitter problems. Sitting down at the table, Michelle raced through her options only to come to a dead end. She picked up the phone to cancel the reservations when she remembered her friend Amy's advice. Amy told her how a unique local agency had come to their rescue when they were in a bind. She sent Amy a quick text, "What's the name of the agency you use?" A response came quickly and read, "Mom's Best Friend."

Does the scenario above sound familiar? If so, keep reading! 

Mom's Best Friend is a household staffing agency that serves families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. MBF recruits and staffs polished candidates who have mastered in home childcare. They expedite the staffing of skilled temporary nannies for Moms in need. The booking process is a cinch. Clients simply email or text their request to Lauryn Everett, MBF’s Temporary Placement Director ( Lauryn secures the caregiver and books the job as soon as possible. Once the nanny is booked, the client receives a confirmation email as well as the nanny's profile, which includes her education and childcare history. Mom's Best Friend also makes it possible for a family to request their preferred caregivers.

Lauryn has been with Mom's Best Friend since October 2009. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and has worked with children and families for over 10 years. Before joining the agency, Lauryn worked as a nanny for a variety of families. This experience gives her a solid understanding of the needs of MBF clients. She strives to ensure the booking process is as seamless as possible. Lauryn also interviews and trains each candidate before they are booked with an MBF client. Lauryn has an eye for finding caregivers of great character and professionalism to serve under the MBF brand. Her goal is to match each family with a caregiver whose personality and skill set will blend perfectly with their goals and unique needs. 

During the holidays Mom's Best Friend also provides clients with personal assistants. We fondly refer to these assistants as "holiday elfs".

A holiday elf helps a client prepare for the holidays by running last minute errands, wrapping gifts and even organizing for parties. This assistance helps our clients accomplish the many things on their "to-do lists" as well as allowing them time to enjoy their family during such a busy season.

Lauryn Everett
Temporary Placement Director

Mom's Best Friend


I grew up behind the counter of a family owned pharmacy in a small east Texas town.  My father had inherited the pharmacy business from his father, along with a strong sense of Emotional Intelligence and always “Doing what is right!” 

Each trip to the store offered me exposure to regular customers who were usually in their mature years. They would shuffle in on a walker or cane with great effort, avoiding my spry skips as I approached them with a “sick” Cabbage Patch or new tiara from the toy department.  They would smile and talk to me, pleased that they were not invisible and important.  It was through this joy that I grew a great fondness for the elderly.

Growing up, I also had three grandparents that lived close by.  My mother’s parents were highly involved with picking me up in carpool and taking me to after school activities.  I traveled with them, and was greatly influenced by their interest in history, genealogy and religion.  I listened to more NPR between first and fifth grade than I did New Kids on the Block.

As they aged, my grandfather lost his ability to walk and ambulate freely, while my grandmother lost her ability to see, hear and eventually developed dementia.  The errands, doctor visits and meal preparation began to fall heavily on my mom, all the while my father’s mother was also aging and needing intense assistance.  Where my grandparents had been a huge support for my mom before, now their needs were as demanding as her three children.

After a late night of dance lessons and a trip to Luby’s for dinner, we dropped my grandparents at their home and got them settled for the evening.  While unloading the transport wheel chair from my mom’s car, I began to wonder what happened to people who age without children nearby.  Mom and I talked about this, and at the young age of 12, I knew that when I grew up, I was going to help “old people.”

By the time I was driving in High School, the tables had turned; my siblings and I were helping my mother run the “fossil ferry”, as she called it.  Seeing how one less trip to my grandparents ‘ house gave my mom a few minutes more at Target or a less rushed visit with a friend, I saw the value in having help.

When entering the work force after college, I was fortunate to start working on the cusp of the population aging.  I knew as a kid that this was my calling.  The aging population has brought new challenges to our country’s social recipe, but in the end this extended generation ads richness and spice.

I'm Claire Maestri and I am the Director of Senior Care Services at Mom's Best Friends Senior Care. This is my passion. I have been doing it for 10 years and I look forward to assist and care for your loved ones. 

Claire Maestri

Mom's Best Friend


Seniors deserve to be honored. All of us want our parents and grandparents to maintain dignity as they age.  You can honor them and help them maintain that dignity starting today with help from Mom’s Best Friend, the premier provider of upscale, in-home senior assistance in the Dallas area.  We have an incredible team of personal assistants that love working with seniors.  Let’s match one of them with your loved one today!

Hiring Mom’s Best Friend will allow your loved ones to stay in the comfort of their own home as they age.  It will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing a professional personal assistant is with them to ensure companionship and safety.

At Mom’s Best Friend, we understand the struggles and dilemmas that you face when caring for a senior family member.  It is tough just caring for your own household and daily responsibilities. Having our superb and attentive staff on your side will allow you to manage all of your care giving priorities and not miss a beat. 

Claire Maestri is your personal senior care concierge at Mom’s Best Friend.  Call her and she will develop an individualized service plan based on your family’s needs.  Our caregivers can assist with the following services:

  • Bathing/Restroom Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Light and Fine Meal Preparation and Grocery Shopping
  • In-Home Care and Companionship
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transportation Services
  • Errands
  • Bill Pay and Administrative Activities
  • Emergency Assistance

Jim and Kim Winblood are long time residents of Dallas and owners of Mom’s Best Friend of Dallas.  For more than a decade, they have been meeting the needs of local clients with great success.  Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care will exceed your expectations and provide the kind of high quality consultation and care your family deserves. 

For more questions regarding Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care contact us now at 972-446-0500 or visit us on the web at

Mom’s Best Friend Senior Care
Jim Winblood, President/CEO