I have been working in the household staffing industry for many years now in a variety of roles.  My experience has allowed me to observe many important aspects about the indispensable role of a Mom.  Every Mom’s parenting technique may be different, but a Mom knows that consistency for their child is a priority. My own childhood taught me that Mom is the jewel of the family. She’s the first lady and the apple of her children’s eye.

In my role as the Temporary Staffing Director of Mom’s Best Friend, I’ve learned that April is typically the month in which most Moms realize that summer is right around the corner. Panic quickly ensues. Just the thought of being helpless amidst the circus of summer can fill a Mom with enormous amounts of anxiety. For many Moms, this anxiety causes frenzy, and they quickly take it upon themselves to find the perfect summer solution. This common reaction can prove to be counter-productive simply because a Mom’s plate is already overflowing.

Recently, I read an informative article explaining how a parent should successfully secure a summer nanny. In the article, the writer referred to an “easy” to-do list to do so. However, the list was long and as I worked my way through it, I cringed at the thought of a Mom trying to execute each item without a little help.

I have personally observed how a Mom greatly benefits from a summer nanny. I guess that’s why the article piqued my interest. A summer nanny runs kids to summer camp and swimming lessons. She manages crowd control for your child’s summer birthday party. She keeps your child on track for school by tutoring or helping with “that” summer project. Most importantly, a summer nanny keeps Mom from walking off the cliffs of insanity! One of our clients is a career Mom with two very active kiddos. For the past two summers, she has been able to secure the same nanny. She feels such relief knowing that each summer her children will be able to hang out with the woman who is more than just a nanny. She is a part of the family.

Maybe you’re not even sure if a summer nanny is the answer. Regardless, it helps to have the listening ear of a professional who specializes in meeting the needs of families all over the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. In fact, most of our staff can speak from personal experience as a Mom or a nanny.

If you’re a Mom who can already feel the heat from the summer sun and the shade of relief alludes you, I have a suggestion. Call Mom’s Best Friend.

Lauryn Everett
Placement Director, Temporary Division

Mom's Best Friend

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