Michelle hung up the phone in disappointment. This was the third time in a row she had to cancel date night due to sitter problems. Sitting down at the table, Michelle raced through her options only to come to a dead end. She picked up the phone to cancel the reservations when she remembered her friend Amy's advice. Amy told her how a unique local agency had come to their rescue when they were in a bind. She sent Amy a quick text, "What's the name of the agency you use?" A response came quickly and read, "Mom's Best Friend."

Does the scenario above sound familiar? If so, keep reading! 

Mom's Best Friend is a household staffing agency that serves families in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. MBF recruits and staffs polished candidates who have mastered in home childcare. They expedite the staffing of skilled temporary nannies for Moms in need. The booking process is a cinch. Clients simply email or text their request to Lauryn Everett, MBF’s Temporary Placement Director ( Lauryn secures the caregiver and books the job as soon as possible. Once the nanny is booked, the client receives a confirmation email as well as the nanny's profile, which includes her education and childcare history. Mom's Best Friend also makes it possible for a family to request their preferred caregivers.

Lauryn has been with Mom's Best Friend since October 2009. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations and has worked with children and families for over 10 years. Before joining the agency, Lauryn worked as a nanny for a variety of families. This experience gives her a solid understanding of the needs of MBF clients. She strives to ensure the booking process is as seamless as possible. Lauryn also interviews and trains each candidate before they are booked with an MBF client. Lauryn has an eye for finding caregivers of great character and professionalism to serve under the MBF brand. Her goal is to match each family with a caregiver whose personality and skill set will blend perfectly with their goals and unique needs. 

During the holidays Mom's Best Friend also provides clients with personal assistants. We fondly refer to these assistants as "holiday elfs".

A holiday elf helps a client prepare for the holidays by running last minute errands, wrapping gifts and even organizing for parties. This assistance helps our clients accomplish the many things on their "to-do lists" as well as allowing them time to enjoy their family during such a busy season.

Lauryn Everett
Temporary Placement Director

Mom's Best Friend

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