If you or your child suffers from asthma, an attack can be a sudden, scary occurrence, even when preparations are made in case of an attack.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease affecting the airways. The disease causes airways to become inflamed and to narrow during an attack, which can lead to symptoms including wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and tightness in the chest.

Asthma can be attributed to both genetic and environmental factors and affects people of all ages, with symptoms often beginning in childhood. There is no known cure for asthma, but symptoms can be managed successfully by creating an asthma action plan with your doctor that includes daily medication, “rescue” treatments and tracking all symptoms you experience.

An asthma attack may come on out of the blue, but attacks can be brought on by a variety of factors. Triggers for asthma symptoms can include allergens such as dust or pollen, irritants like smoke or aerosol sprays, physical activity, and some medicines or drugs.

When symptoms occur, it’s important to begin treatment right away. If treatment is delayed, symptoms can become severe enough to require emergency attention or even cause death in extreme cases. Even if emergency care is needed, if asthma symptoms are caught early during an attack, hospital admission can be often prevented.

Asthma symptoms can be complicated by conditions like pneumonia or a cold, so if you or a loved one experiences asthma symptoms while suffering one of these or similar conditions, seek treatment immediately.

If you see or experience emergency symptoms, head to Highland Park Emergency Center at 5150 Lemmon Ave. Suite 108, a free-standing emergency room right in your neighborhood. Highland Park Emergency Center is open 24-hours a day — the only no-wait emergency room around.  An emergency room physician can see you quickly, evaluate your condition, and take steps to alleviate your symptoms immediately. If appropriate, they will admit you to the hospital if needed.

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