We deliver fast, compassionate, and quality emergency medicine.

We provide high-level emergency care and we do it differently than what you may have experienced in the past. From the moment you walk in, you will see the difference. Your experience will start with a friendly staff and the relaxing decor. You will be quickly and efficiently processed and, within minutes, be seen by one of our ER physicians. Immediately following your evaluation, treatment will begin. Imagine having your x-rays back in 10 minutes, or your blood work results in 15. This is just part of the difference of what you will experience here.

Our physicians are all board certified in Emergency Medicine with years of experience working in busy emergency rooms and major trauma centers. Our nurses all have extensive training and experience in emergency room and intensive care nursing.

Highland Park Emergency Center's experienced and knowledgeable staff enables us to provide the expert care you need, regardless of the magnitude of your illness.
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