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The proposed Legacy Hillcrest Project in Snider Plaza is 187,000 SF

  • That is 75% larger than allowed.

Based on 187,000 sq feet and their proposed use of that space.

  • The minimum required parking spaces is 721. 
  • They are proposing 521 spaces, which is 200 short

The Legacy Hillcrest developer submitted a Traffic  impact study

  • They project 4128 car trips to and from the building.

Note:  If the “use” changes, traffic is impacted and could easily be doubled! 

  • If Office Space is changed to Specialty Retail – Traffic is increased
  • If Bank Space is changed to Drive Up Bank Space – Traffic is increased
  • If Office Space is changed to Restaurant – Traffic is increased
  • If Restaurant Space is changed to High Turn Over Restaurant – Traffic is increased

There are no provisions for providing additional parking for Snider Plaza. 

In fact, a 25,000 SF is allocated for a restaurant and retail space that opens onto the plaza.  It is my understanding that this will eat up the surface space in the first two blocks of Snider Plaza.

Click Here to View Documentation, Agenda and Video of February 2 Meeting Regarding the Development

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