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Despite the fact that over half my business is ground up new construction, I still love tackling smaller projects such as porches, front entrances, or additions.  As a seasoned architect, it's important to always work with a client's desires and budget in mind.  Smaller renovation or construction projects give me the opportunity to really hone in on the specific design elements that can both enhance and further utilize the space available.  

For example, these pictures show the before and after of a front entrance I worked on recently.  In addition to breaking up the dimension of the home with the addition of stone in the middle, extra natural light was also created through a small dormered window on the second floor.  Changing the front door and window to an arched design adds a somewhat gothic feel to this very traditional brick home.  

If you're thinking about undertaking a small construction project, I would highly recommend consulting with an architect.  Their experience and expertise can help you understand your space better and offer up new ideas for any kind of renovation.  

William S. Briggs, Architect, PLLC

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