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Taos Project William S. Briggs, Architect, p.l.l.c.

As an architect, I regularly design projects that utilize luxury materials like Carrara marble, travertine tile, and high-end appliances. While it’s enjoyable to anoint a space with the finest finishes, a client does not need to have an endless budget in order to achieve good design. When designing a new project, I lavish the same attention to detail, scale, and proportion on it regardless of the size or scope. A well designed home or project should be born from the notion that form and function must work seamlessly together.

During a project in a neighborhood near our Dallas office, we used rather mundane exterior materials to great aesthetic effect. Off-the-shelf cementitious siding was transformed into an interesting and patterned façade. Doric columns set off the front door. A pergola over the front porch adds depth, while a small shed roof and balcony on the second floor add yet more dimension and visual interest. Rather than use regular shingles for the entire roof, metal roofing was added to set off select areas like the entryway and a few other windows.

It is always important for us to find a willing partner in such a process. We were able to work with a contractor who shared, even drove, our vision and they were able to execute this project at the highest level. The Greenwells’ ability to craft the materials chosen for the home’s exterior brought our vision to life.

When working with ordinary materials or a limited budget, some homeowners may feel like their options are limited. I’m glad that I can share this project with them as an example of the kind of extraordinary project that can be achieved when good design is the priority. 

William S. Briggs, Architect, PLLC

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