How many times a day to we say "look in the cabinet"? Cabinets are one of the most used and visible features of any house. Getting them right in terms of storage needs and design makes a house not only better looking but more livable as well. Here are some quick thoughts on why you should work withe architect to develop the cabinet designs, the trim, and the finish details:

  1. Cabinet vendors like to build what they have built before. Innovation may not be their best quality.
  2. Cabinet vendors are great at making cabinets, but are not especially trained in aesthetics or do they always take time to understand your unique storage needs.
  3. Interior designers may understand an overall look to be achieved but typically cannot communicate it accurately and comprehensively to the cabinet guy (by drawings and dimensions).  This puts too much reliance on the cabinet maker without much real control and coordination.
  4. If there is some gap in understanding about the mouldings, cabinets or how the tile or stone is ordered and installed or detailed, the architect is the best source for the resolution, provided the architect has produced the information.
  5. Tile and stone orders will be more accurate, and the details of how the finishes are done will be better refined.
  6. Pricing process of stone, tile, trim and cabinets will be more definitive and accurate.
  7. Scheduling will be much more accurate.

A real custom home suits the needs of its owners. Hobbies such as cooking or sewing or office needs carry with them some unique needs and require the right cabinetry. Without the right cabinets, a beautiful home is often cluttered with the stuff that doesn't have a place.

William S. Briggs

William S. Briggs, Architect, pllc