Planning your dream wedding isn’t always easy. Planning an outdoor wedding or reception can add a whole new level of stressors. Don’t let planning catering for an outdoor wedding or reception add stress.

There are two main factors that should be considered when planning food for an outdoor wedding reception: weather and food safety. Know what is needed to keep your wedding food safe and healthy for you and your guests, and have a plan for inclement weather. Then the other details, like planning the menu won’t seem so stressful.

Weather considerations. While summer may be the most common season for an outdoor wedding, you can have your wedding in almost any season, especially in North Texas. After you set the date for your wedding, take a look at the typical weather for that time of year.

A tent to shade your guests from the summer sun, or shield them from spring rain is essential. But also keep in mind the damage wind gusts can do. Be sure your tent and tables, especially food and cake tables are secured to the ground. If you expect some wind, paper plates and plastic utensils are not the most ideal. Heavier dishes and cutlery will help keep your guests’ food on the table and out of their lap in the wind.

Food safety. First and foremost, select a caterer with experience catering outdoor events. In the heat, many foods can become harmful and cause illness if they are left out too long. Keeping cold foods cold with ice, and warm foods hot with a heat lamp or warmers will help keep your wedding food as fresh as possible.

Keeping guests well hydrated in a summer wedding is another important factor. Be sure fresh, refreshing drinks like lemonade, cucumber water, tea and punch, as well as plenty of ice water is available for your guests.

Use these tips to help keep your wedding planning stress free, and make your big day as beautiful as you’ve always dreamed it would be.

If you are looking for a caterer with experience catering outdoor events, contact S&S Catering. Our event menu is packed full of hors d’oeuvres, dips and spreads, entrees, desserts and beverages.  Contact us for more information and catering details.

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