Summer is in full swing, and for many kids, the boredom is already setting in. Don’t let another summer pass with your children spending their time in front of the television. Planning a day trip or weekly “adventure” for your children will help keep both their bodies and their brains active.

To help plan a summer you and your kids won’t forget, we’ve put together a list of our three favorite day trip locations in and around the Dallas area.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - Located in Glen Rose, Texas, just 90 minutes from Dallas, Fossil Rim is a drive-through nature center.  When you arrive, you are able to purchase animal snacks and feed to lure the zebras, giraffes and other exotic creatures right up to your vehicle for a close up. The kids will love getting up close and personal with the animals who are able to roam the grounds, rather than being trapped in a cage.

Admission prices to Fossil Rim are $20.95 for adults during the week, $22.95 on the weekends. Admission for children 3-11 is $13.95 during the week and $16.95 on the weekends. Children under two are free.

Dallas World Aquarium - The Dallas World Aquarium is located near the Historic West End District in downtown Dallas. The aquarium features marine species from around the world, a South Africa exhibit and a tunnel filled with sharks and rays as well as a rainforest exhibit. You may not be able to take your kids to the ocean for a day, but you can certainly bring the ocean to them with a trip to the Dallas World Aquarium.

After your trip to the aquarium, take the kids for a walk down Market Street in the historic West End district for a taste of the Old West.

Admission prices to the aquarium are $20.95 for adults and $12.95 for children 3-11. Children under two are free. There are also annual memberships and senior prices available.

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens - The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens are the oldest botanical gardens in the state of Texas, featuring 109 acres of more than 2500 native and exotic plants. There are 21 specialty gardens, and admission is only charged for the conservatory and Japanese Garden. Admission to the other gardens is free.

Cut the cost of your summer adventures by packing a Take Away Chef boxed lunch, rather than eating at any of the over-priced restaurants and cafes found at each of these locations. Our Take Away Chef menu features premium casseroles, enchiladas, a variety of poultry dishes and old-fashioned lasagna. For more info on our Take Away Chef menu or other services, contact S&S Catering


Father’s Day is this Sunday. Are you ready to spend the day celebrating your dad, husband or father of your children? Want to do something special to let your dad know just how much you appreciate him? Don’t have a plan for Father’s Day? Here are a few tips to help make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day.

Keep it simple. More than likely, your dad would prefer a relaxing day, rather than a day full of activities. Because Father’s Day doesn’t constitute an extra day off of work, keep Father’s Day simple so your dad can stay relaxed and feel rested before heading back to work on Monday.

Don’t make him work. Don’t count on dad to man the grill for your summer celebration. Take the work out of it for him. Take Away Chef offers an ideal solution for a quick Father’s Day meal. Order an oven-ready meal for your family, and we’ll do the work for you.

Think about what he wants. Although keeping it simple is key, throwing in a little something just for dad will be the perfect reminder that this day is all about him. Does your dad love to golf? Get him a round of golf at his favorite course. Is he a movie buff? Take him to the movies, only this time, let him pick the flick. Here’s a few movies coming out this month that dad might like: Ironclad,  Green Lantern and Super 8.

No matter what you do, don’t forget that Father’s Day is your chance to let your dad (as well as the father of your children) know just how much he means to you. Make the day a special one for him by getting him out of his routine of work and providing for the family. Allow him the opportunity to rest and relax. For busy dads, that opportunity doesn’t come around often.

It’s not too late to contact S&S Catering about our Take Away Chef options. If you’re planning a Father’s day meal, whether for a large group or just your family, let us help you. Contact us today!


Father’s Day is always celebrated the third Sunday of June, and this year Father’s Day is June 19. With only 10 days till Dad’s big day, you may be wondering what to get him this year? How about giving Dad the gift of time spent with all his children and grandchildren? Most fathers love nothing more than to have the family gathered together in one location for an uninterrupted time of family togetherness, reminiscing and laughter.

The best family gatherings include a great meal, and S&S Catering makes feeding the family as easy as it is delicious. Whether your family needs a full catering service to accommodate a formal or large family gathering or a casserole-to-go service for smaller, more casual affairs, we offer everything your family needs to create a family luncheon or dinner Dad will always remember.

In addition to a great meal with all his children and grandchildren, the following are excellent ideas for showing Dad how much you love him and appreciate it.

  1. Professional Portrait. Surprise Dad with a professional portrait of all his children and grandchildren. You may even want to have a photographer show up at your family dinner, allowing Dad to cherish the memory for years to come.
  2. Create a Photo Book. Whether digital or handmade, a custom photo book -- made just for Dad -- is an excellent way to hold on to the many memories you both cherish. He will love the thought and detail that goes into creating a custom book.
  3. Weekly or Monthly Casseroles-to-Go. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Warm Dad’s heart all year with a weekly or monthly casserole delivery from Take Away Chef. Our S&S Catering chefs will keep your father well fed all year long, and you can rest assured knowing there will always be plenty of food in case you want to join him for a surprise or impromptu visit for dinner!

Let Take Away Chef take away the stress of cooking this Father’s Day!

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