Though small, stocking stuffers can be some of the most difficult Christmas gifts to buy. Nowadays, it seems many people have a desire to "de-clutter" and get rid of useless trinkets, which makes finding useful and meaningful stocking stuffers all the more challenging.

Try something new this year by stuffing your loved ones' stockings with Take Away Chef gift cards! Whether you can afford to gift one of our homemade Take Away Chef casseroles, or one each month for a year, we have no doubt this is a gift anyone will love!

Who couldn't use a homemade dinner on a busy weeknight, or a supply of our frozen casseroles to keep on hand for nights when the kids are home with the babysitter or mom and dad are just too tired to cook a healthy, homemade meal? Our Take Away Chef casseroles are a delicious, healthy, family-friendly gift!

Our delicious casseroles will feed a whole family! Take Away Chef casseroles are easily frozen, or they can be ordered in advance and ready for pick up on the way home from work.

Take Away Chef meals are intended to provide quick, easy and healthy meals for families, large groups and even parties. For families, they are perfect for busy nights, evenings with the babysitter or even last-minute company. Our casseroles are frozen fresh, and are easy to prepare in the oven or microwave.

If you're still struggling to finish up your Christmas shopping, let us make it simple for you. Give us a call, or stop by and pick up a gift card for our casseroles.  Any friend will be thrilled to receive our homemade Take Away Chef meals as a gift!

For more information on our Take Away Chef option, or gift cards, give us a call at 214-351-6888. S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest. 


This Friday and Saturday, October 21-22, S&S Catering will be at the 29thAnnual Hearts and Hands Bazaar this Friday and Saturday, October 21-22. The bazaar is an annual fundraiser, hosted by the All Saints Catholic Church’s Women’s Organization.  The event is a fundraiser for All Saints Catholic Church and the outreach programs supported by the church.

At the bazaar you will find vendors selling quality, handcrafted and homemade merchandise and food products. The bazaar features a bake sale and a lunch café.

S&S Catering will be on site with samples of our products and selling our delicious, homemade Take Away Chef casseroles on site.  We will also have information on our other food options and catering services.

We provide a unique fundraising option for organizations, schools and churches. Tired of selling candles and cookies to raise money for your child’s school football or dance team? Sell our delicious homemade Take Away Chef casseroles instead. Perfect for holiday get together, or an easy dinner at home for a busy family, our casseroles are sure to be a hit.

Stop by this community event at All Saints Catholic Church this weekend and try free samples of our products. We also sell our Take Away Chef casseroles on site and provide information on our other services, including our Dallas catering services.

For more information about the event, visit the Hearts and Hands Bazaar website.

There is no admission fee to the event, so bring the whole family!

October 21-22
All Saints Catholic Church
5231 Meadow Creek Dr. 
Dallas, Texas 75248

Please visit our Events page to learn more about our Food Shows. We will be attending several public events this fall and would love to see you!


The fall craft and gift show season is in full swing. Do you enjoy taking in a show or two on the weekends? If so, join us this Saturday at Market in the Meadow, at Forest Meadow Jr.  High.

Market in the Meadow is a holiday gift sale benefitting the Parent Teacher Association of Forest Meadow Jr. High. At Market in the Meadow, you can jump start your holiday shopping with unique gifts, specialty merchandise and sweet treats from a number of vendors, including S&S Catering.

Vendor categories include accessories, art, candles, children, clothing, food, home décor, jewelry, seasonal, stationary and gifts. This is a perfect opportunity to get a head start on Christmas shopping and gift ideas.

Want to find out more the variety of catering and food services we offer? Join us at Market in the Meadow this weekend and support Forest Meadow Jr. High. Stop by our booth at say hi, we would love to meet you! We’ll answer all your questions regarding our catering services and Take Away Chef.

Market in the Meadow is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or the family. The show also features a number of delicious foods from Chick-fil-A and Picasso’s Pizza and family-friendly entertainment, so make plans now to attend!

For more information, or directions, visit the Market in the Meadow website.

Market in the Meadow
October 15-16
Forest Meadow Jr. High
9373 Whitehurst Dr.
Dallas, TX 75243


Since 1929, S&S Catering has been serving up delicious, homemade meals to the Dallas community. Our family catering business is committed to Christian, family-focused values. Not only do we provide event catering, and gourmet, take-away frozen casseroles and meals, but we also prepare meals for the children who attend preschool at Highland Park Methodist church -- our home base.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to spend time with the people you love by eliminating the hassle and stress that comes along with planning meals. Whether you are planning a meal for a big event, or simply dinner for the family during a busy week, we are focused on making your job as simple as possible.

We offer a variety of food services, from complete, coursed menus for events and holiday meals, to breakfast items, sandwich platters and boxed lunches for corporate meetings. Our popular Take Away Chef menu is full of homemade casseroles and meals we can prepare fresh and have ready for you to pick up for the family on your way home from work.  Because our focus is on making our customers’ lives easier, we can even deliver dinner to your front door!

Everything we do at S&S Catering and Take Away Chef is focused on you, our customer. We will work closely with you to plan the menu details of any event, and will even provide fully staffed catering services at your event, if needed.  We strive to be easily accessible. Want to pick up a healthy, homemade dinner for the family on your way home from work?  Give us a call (214-351-6888) before you leave to place your order. Then call us again when you arrive, and we’ll bring it right out to your car.

Visit our website to view all of our menus, and to see upcoming events we will be attending this fall. 


After last week's edge-of-your-seat game, where Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo saved the game, even with a broken rib and collapsed lung (some reports even said he died during the game!), this Monday's game is not one to be missed.

On Sunday, September 26, the Cowboy's play their first home game against Washington at 7:30pm. The weekend forecast is shaping up to be perfect tailgating weather -- expect it to be sunny with a high of 97 on Sunday.  Whether you are tailgating at Cowboys Stadium, or hosting or attending a tailgate party in the driveway, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Food. A tailgate party isn't a tailgate party without good, hearty eats. Bring the grill to cook up your favorite meats, and we'll take care of the rest with our  Take Away Chef  casseroles. Every man will love you if you come loaded with our home-style meals, like Mom's Favorite Meatloaf, King Ranch Chicken, along with Macaroni or Cheese and Sweet Potato Bake. Our Take Away Chef casseroles are inexpensive, easy and delicious.

LIKE us on Facebook  and we will send you a complimentary 7-Layer Mexican Dip your friends will love! When you "LIKE" us, be sure to comment on our wall with your email address.

Team colors. Don't even think about showing up to a tailgate party without sporting your team's colors. You're not out to impress anyone (ok, maybe you are), go all out in support of your favorite team. (Go Cowboys!)

Make yourself at home. Whether you're tailgating at Cowyboys Stadium, or in the driveway, be sure you've got the best seat in the house with the most comfortable seating --living room furniture, camping chairs -- you can manage to get to the party. Don't worry, nobody's going to think twice about you rolling up to the stadium with your leather sofa in the bed of your F-150.

Have more tailgating ideas or great tailgating stories? Share them with us on our Facebook page.

Please visit our Events page to learn more about our Food Shows. We will be attending several public events this fall and would love to see you!


Preseason is over and football season is officially on! This Sunday the Cowboys travel to New York to play the New York Jets. Kickoff is at 7:20pm (CST), and the game airs live on NBC. If you -- like us -- plan to celebrate the first Cowboys game of the season with a party, here are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Show your spirit. Nothing says game day like a room full of Cowboys gear. If you don’t have your Romo jersey, better get to one of the numerous stores selling Cowboy apparel before the game starts! Granted, it’s not the Superbowl, but you can still decorate for game day with blue, silver and white plates, cups and plastic utensils. Check out your neighborhood dollar store or Big Lots to save cash on game day décor. 

Make a game of it. Whether you’re a Fantasy Football player or not, offering up a friendly little wager on the game’s outcome will keep your football buddies entertained during commercials. Take bets on the final score, total yardage for the Cowboys, etc. and offer up a sweet treat as a prize to the winner.

Nothing says football season like food. You can’t have a good football party without good food. Save yourself a trip to the store for the mundane chips and salsa or veggies and dip snacks like the rest of Dallas. Check out our Take Away Chef menu for filling (and delicious) casseroles, chicken dishes, homemade lasagna, veggies and desserts. We promise our homemade meals won’t disappoint your big eaters. Call ahead and we’ll have your meals prepared for you and bring them right out to your car when you come pick them up! Best of all, our Take Away Chef meals are easy, casual and affordable. 

Join our mailing list on Facebook or our website and get a complimentary Buffalo Wings recipe ... just in time for game day!

Please visit our Events page to learn more about our Food Shows. We will be attending several public events this fall and would love to see you! 


Read a good book lately? Want to share it with others? Hosting a book club is a fun way to share your reading experience with friends. Many times book clubs double as supper club or a wine tasting event. Whatever your preference, the key to a good book club is a hostess who can facilitate both conversation and entertainment.

If you’re just starting your book club, or need to revitalize an existing book club, here are a few things to focus on.

Discussion. The host/hostess must be able to facilitate discussion about the book. Get your guests together in one room, preferably with chairs set up in a circle. Start the discussion by having each guest give one comment about the book. This can be as simple as a quick overall rating of the book. The host should have a list of thought-provoking questions prepared to keep guests talking. Sometimes playing a quick game or two will help break the ice and add a little fun. For example, read a line from the book, and have guests guess which character said it.

Drinks. As with any good party, and good book club needs a variety of beverages. These don’t have to be alcoholic, but a nice glass of wine can help set the mood for a relaxing evening of fun and discussion. As the host/hostess, you can select the drinks to be served, or ask guests to bring their favorite drink. If you are making the drink menu, be sure you know your guests and have something for everyone.

Food. A good book goes hand in hand with good food. Whether a full meal or just an array of snacks, food is a must have for your book club. Think finger sandwiches, vegetables or chips with dip, and a few sweet treats. If you’re too busy planning the discussion over the book to plan a decent menu, let S&S Catering help. We can provide you with sandwich platters, dips and spreads. If you’d prefer a full meal, bring us your own casserole dishes, and we’ll prepare our homemade Take Away Chef casseroles for your book club in your own dishes, and no one will ever know you didn’t make them yourself.

The most important thing to remember when hosting a book club is that it should be a relaxing, enjoyable time for you and your guests. Plan ahead with discussion questions, games, good food and drinks, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful book club.


Ahh … the start of another new school year. If you have children, back to school also means back to crazy schedules -- balancing school, homework, after school activities and family time. Back to school means early mornings, car pools, sports, drama and music practices and presentations, and one thing that most parents and school administrators dread -- fundraising.

With budget cuts and rising expenses, there isn’t a school in Dallas, public of private, that doesn’t have a fundraising need. Whether you are a school administrator, member of the Parent Teacher Association or simply an interested and involved parent, here are the do’s and don’ts of school fundraising.

Do -- Involve the kids. Use fundraising as an opportunity to teach children the value of a hard earned dollar. Fundraising is an opportunity for teaching valuable lessons about money and the work involved to earn. Encourage teamwork and build morale by challenging kids to work together to reach a common goal. Reward them with a celebration when that goal is met.

Don’t -- cold call. While it may seem like an easy way to raise funds for your school, picking up the phone and calling specific individuals begging for cash can be a turn off, especially when it comes to future fundraising needs. Don’t guilt trip grandpa into opening up his checkbook. Next time your child’s school has a financial need, previous donors who have been singled out likely won’t give again because they feel they’ve already done their part.

Do — Focus on doing good for your school or organization. Use the opportunity to teach kids of the good that can come for a community or organization when people work together toward a common goal. What will the money raised be used for? Is it to build a new school library or buy new football uniforms? Stay focused on the end goal, not just the dollar amount.

Don’t -- Make it all about the money. While raising funds for your school is the purpose, don’t make money the primary focus. If you stay focused on the number, you may lose site of the good that will come from the fundraising.

Do — Offer a fundraising initiative that not only raises money, but solves a problem or offers a solution for the folks giving money. This is certainly where Take Away Chef can be of service. We have been partnering with schools, churches and other nonprofits and clubs for years through our casserole-go-service. Much like Girl Scouts sell cookies, deliver them and take a percentage of profits, Take Away Chef offers a similar service. Except, we provide nutritious meals moms and dads can feel good feeding their children, rather than junkie (though yummy!) sweets. 

If you are interested in offering a fundraiser at your organization, give us a call at (214) 351-6888 or email us. We are happy to discuss our program with you and give you tips on how to have the most successful fundraiser for your organization. 


It seems the extreme heat in North Texas will never end - we’ve not hit 20 consecutive days of triple digits (let’s hope we’re not going for the record of 42!) Even in this heat, it is important for you and the kids to get fresh air. We can’t think of any better way than to get out for an evening picnic in the park or by the pool. 


Not sure how to plan your picnic? Here are a few tips to planning the perfect picnic outing:

  1. 1. Choose your location -- Neighborhood parks, National Parks, lakes, riverbanks, and playgrounds are all ideal locations for a picnic. Don’t have easy access to any of these locations? Set up a picnic in your own backyard!
  2. 2. Pack the essentials -- Food and drink, blanket or folding chairs, napkins and utensils, bug repellant and sunscreen, activities like games, books, balls or a kite. 
  3. 3. Water, Water, Water -- While a cold beer or soda may sound refreshing, be sure you drink plenty of water on your summer picnic. Pack a small cooler full of water bottles for you and the family.  
  4. 4. Decide who will join you -- Picnics are perfect for families with kids, or a date with your special someone. But if you just need some time to yourself, a picnic is a perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and relaxation. 

Food safety in the heat is also crucial. Foods like meat, dairy cut produce and any other foods requiring refrigeration can pose a danger and a serious health threat if they are not kept cool. Be sure to pack a cooler full of ice for your picnic if you plan to take any foods that must be chilled. 

While many food-borne illnesses can be passed off as a 24-hour bug in a healthy adult, they can be life-threatening to infants, children, elderly and people with weakened immune systems. When meat, for example, reaches temperatures above 40 degrees, the natural bacteria found on it significantly multiplies, increasing risk of illness. 

For a special picnic, let S&S Catering pack your picnic for you with our Take Away Chef boxed lunches. You can even use your own basket and personal casserole dishes or for more casual outdoor dining enjoy the ease of disposable containers. Take Away Chef is perfect for a picnic, and eliminates the hassle of preparing a picnic meal. Take Away Chef offers affordable, premium home casseroles, veggies and desserts. 


Headed out for the evening? Give us a call ahead of time ((214) 351-6888), swing by and we’ll bring your picnic meal right out to your car! Check out our menu of perfect picnic meals.


Let’s face it. There are times when we all need a fast food option. Running late after work? Have to get the kids to soccer practice, theater rehearsal and piano lessons all in one night? There are times when we just don’t have time for a home cooked meal.

But don’t get us wrong. We are not recommending you drive through McDonald’s on your way home from work.  We are also not advocates of frozen T.V. dinners. We do, however, recommend our own ‘in-n-out’ fast food option -- Take Away Chef.

When you find yourself in a time crunch, give us a call. Swing by after work and we’ll bring one of our freshly prepared frozen entrees made from our original recipes straight to your car. We have a number of ready-to-bake, family-sized casseroles, and if you don’t have time to pick up your meal, we can deliver it to your home

Our Take Away Chef option is intended to provide quick, easy, yet healthy meals for large groups, parties, or simply dinner with the family. This option is popular with our customers for a number of reasons, but here are a few of the best uses for our Take Away Chef frozen entrees.

Night with the babysitter -- Even if your babysitter is a great cook and knows her way around the kitchen, time spent preparing a meal can mean time she spends away from your kids.  Take Away Chef casseroles are a far healthier option than ordering pizza. Stock up your freezer with your kids’ favorites Take Away Chef meals and know your kids won’t go hungry when the babysitter comes.

Last-minute company -- We have all had friends drop in unexpectedly, or social gatherings last longer than expected. Take Away Chef meals are a simple solution to what could be a sticky problem when you find yourself unexpectedly caught with dinner guests.

Dinner parties or holiday meals - Planning a holiday meal or dinner party can be easy with Take Away Chef. Our frozen meals are sold in servings of 2, 4 or 6. From chicken spaghetti, to apricot chicken or pork tenderloin, we have a number of options that are sure to please your guests. Reduce your stress and leave the main dish and even dessert up to us.

The best part about our own in-n-out meals - you won’t be caught in line for an hour waiting on your food! Just call ahead to 214-351-6888, place your order and give us a ring when you arrive. We’ll bring your meal right out to your car!

S&S Catering is located at United Methodist Church at Mockingbird and Hillcrest.