Read a good book lately? Want to share it with others? Hosting a book club is a fun way to share your reading experience with friends. Many times book clubs double as supper club or a wine tasting event. Whatever your preference, the key to a good book club is a hostess who can facilitate both conversation and entertainment.

If you’re just starting your book club, or need to revitalize an existing book club, here are a few things to focus on.

Discussion. The host/hostess must be able to facilitate discussion about the book. Get your guests together in one room, preferably with chairs set up in a circle. Start the discussion by having each guest give one comment about the book. This can be as simple as a quick overall rating of the book. The host should have a list of thought-provoking questions prepared to keep guests talking. Sometimes playing a quick game or two will help break the ice and add a little fun. For example, read a line from the book, and have guests guess which character said it.

Drinks. As with any good party, and good book club needs a variety of beverages. These don’t have to be alcoholic, but a nice glass of wine can help set the mood for a relaxing evening of fun and discussion. As the host/hostess, you can select the drinks to be served, or ask guests to bring their favorite drink. If you are making the drink menu, be sure you know your guests and have something for everyone.

Food. A good book goes hand in hand with good food. Whether a full meal or just an array of snacks, food is a must have for your book club. Think finger sandwiches, vegetables or chips with dip, and a few sweet treats. If you’re too busy planning the discussion over the book to plan a decent menu, let S&S Catering help. We can provide you with sandwich platters, dips and spreads. If you’d prefer a full meal, bring us your own casserole dishes, and we’ll prepare our homemade Take Away Chef casseroles for your book club in your own dishes, and no one will ever know you didn’t make them yourself.

The most important thing to remember when hosting a book club is that it should be a relaxing, enjoyable time for you and your guests. Plan ahead with discussion questions, games, good food and drinks, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful book club.

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