Dallas, TX—June 10, 2024 — Dallas United Crew (DUC) proudly brought 44 athletes to the 2024 USRowing Youth National Championship, showcasing their hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent on a national stage. All athletes qualified for this championship from our regional qualifier in early May.

The team secured a notable 5th place finish in the Women's 4- event, featuring a stellar performance by Olivia Till (Alabama '28), Elle Noonan, Estelle Stout (Wisconsin '28), and Paisley Rodriguez (University of Texas '28). 


"We gave it our all, and to come away with a top 5 finish is a testament to the hard work and dedication of every member of Dallas United Crew, we can all share in each others success, It furthers the legacy that we are building here at Dallas United Crew" said Coach Ben Andrews.

Olivia Till, a member of the Women's 4- team, shared her excitement, "Rowing with these girls has been an incredible experience. We pushed each other every day, and it paid off at Nationals."

Elle Noonan echoed these sentiments, adding, "The support from our coaches, families, and the entire Dallas United community has been phenomenal. We couldn't have achieved this without them."

DUC was represented by the following eight crews:

Women's U17 8+: 10th
1. Yaya Lagisetty 2. Lauren Livingston 3. Hedda Beck 4.London Ezell 5. Olivia Betancourt 6. Thalia Makris 7. Julia Blewett 8. Diana Farnworth cox: Mimi Tafel

Women's Youth 4+: 24th
1. Kenna Rosenthal 2. Lisette Viguerie 3. Lauren O'Grady 4. Victoria Bell cox: Maya Malik


Women's Youth 4-: 5th
1. Olivia Till, 2. Elle Noonan, 3. Estelle Stout, 4. Paisley Rodriguez

Women's Youth 2- A: 18th

1. Cordelia Bowden, 2. Ella Spillman

Women's Youth 2- B: 24th

1. Hannah Birdwell, 2. Samantha Rietbroek

Men's Youth 8+: 24th

1.Matthew Slear 2. Andrew Moyer 3. Daniel Sneed 4. Cole Farley 5. Jack Davis 6. John Bunge 7. Raul Gupta 8. Jack Halverson Cox: Ryan Brown

Men's Youth 2nd 8+: 14th

1.Coleman Hayes 2. Alex Musico 3. Josh Lando 4. Elijah Townsend 5. Colin Salm 6. Owen Frazer 7. Luke Blankenship 8. Julian Belestri Cox: Pavi Paila

Men's Youth 4-: 30th
1.Nathan Wivagg 2. Theo Statiras 3. Jacob Ronk 4. Louis Hixon

Demonstrating Exceptional Teamwork and Sportsmanship

Throughout the championship, Dallas United Crew demonstrated not only their athletic prowess but also their exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship. Their camaraderie and mutual respect earned admiration from competitors and officials alike, solidifying DUC's reputation as a formidable club from the Central Region .

Coach Andrews emphasized the importance of teamwork in their success, "Rowing is a team sport, and these athletes understand that. They support each other on and off the water, and it showed in their performance, even if our team members are not out here with us they know their hard work has contributed to our speed on display."

The DUC teams also displayed exceptional sportsmanship, congratulating and cheering on their fellow competitors throughout the competition. This spirit of camaraderie was especially evident during the final races, where Dallas United Crew athletes could be seen high-fiving and hugging their teammates after crossing the finish line.

Want to Join the Team?

Looking ahead, Dallas United Crew has ambitious plans to build on their success. The team will continue rigorous training and development as they prepare for the upcoming Summer National Championship in Oklahoma City. In addition, they plan to expand their recruitment efforts to attract more local talent and grow the team further.

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