M Metzger – Guest Contributor
Jun 10 @ 7:00 pm
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CC Young Senior Living hosted International Council on Active Aging Founder and Chief Executive Officer Colin Milner, and the room was packed with seniors wanting to learn how to live better longer.

In his presentation. Milner shared five ways to reduce chronic health diseases by over 90 percent. These include never smoking, exercising 30 minutes a day, having a good body mass index (BMI), eating well and drinking moderate levels of alcohol.

Milner also said people tend to either significantly under or overestimate their potential longevity, and with many people living into their 100s, it makes it challenging to anticipate future retirement needs from both financial and health concerns.

“We have a much greater human potential than ever thought possible,” Milner said as he talked about his 111-year-old grandmother who recently passed. He went on to talk about the impact a healthier aging population will have on our society.

After touring the CC Young Senior Living campus, Milner said, “As I travel and see other senior living communities around the world, I don’t see many with opportunities for engagement like you have here."