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The Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD) announces the establishment of its first endowed Distinguished Teaching Chair made possible by a generous gift from ESD parents Anne Clayton and Jacques Vroom. 

“We very much believe in ESD and the vision for igniting lives of purpose and a love of learning,” said Jacques Vroom. “We have watched with amazement the warmth, patience, and enthusiasm ESD teachers use as they inspire our children. In a time with elevated competition to fill teaching positions, growing ESD’s teaching endowment is critical for ESD to retain and expand its roster of fabulous teachers. Our family made this gift to support ESD teachers and hope we will inspire others to do the same.”

The Vroom’s were motivated to make this gift after attending a Leadership Briefing as David Baad, Hobson Family Head of School at ESD, laid out the priorities for the school. During the presentation, Baad communicated the importance of ESD’s commitment for excellence today and in the future and outlined the top priorities.  

“The gift from the Vroom family puts us on a path to a goal of endowing 20 Distinguished Chairs,” said Baad. “We want to ensure ESD attracts, develops, and retains an exceptional teaching staff that leads us to cultivate a talented and diverse student body. We are thankful for the Vrooms’ leadership and commitment to ESD.”

The Distinguished Teaching Chair recognizes a teacher who has earned their place among the best in their field and assures that excellence in teaching at ESD is a value held in high regard. ESD currently has a full-time teaching staff of 140 who are dedicated to helping students find their passion and foster a life-long desire to learn. 

“Our family has benefitted from many incredible teachers at ESD,” said Anne Clayton Vroom. “They have created an environment where kids are respected for their own individuality and shown the rewards that come from learning and intellectual curiosity. If we are going to continue to inspire the next generation, we must show our teachers that they are appreciated and cherished."

The Episcopal School of Dallas is situated on 42 acres in the heart of Dallas for students beginning at three years old through 12th grade. The college preparatory school is led by a nationally-recognized faculty and complemented by a full array of artistic and athletic programs, daily worship, outdoor experiences, and opportunities to lead and serve others. ESD is a member of the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest and the National Association of Episcopal Schools. For more information on ESD, visit