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North Texas Basketball Officials Association (NTBOA), is eager to recruit more officials for the upcoming high school and middle school basketball season, amid the state-wide shortage. Having over 600 positions to fill each year, NTBOA is in need of aspiring referees and seasoned officials to join its ranks. NTBOA basketball officials ensure fair play and regulations compliance for over 13,000 middle school and high school (boys and girls) UIL games each year.

Despite being in one of the fast-growing communities in Texas, NTBOA struggles with a referee shortage along with the rest of the state. At times, there have been 60-100 games having only one referee, affecting officiating quality and game experience.

The demand for skilled basketball referees in North Texas is rising, but some people avoid officiating due to concerns including the fear of being treated poorly by players, coaches, or fans. Time constraints, full-time jobs, and family responsibilities are also factors.

NTBOA offers many benefits and embraces diversity with referees from various cultures, backgrounds, and genders. The association also provides an opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills, stay physically active, and provides a source of additional income. Officiating for NTBOA not only deepens your basketball knowledge but also provides a community of like-minded officials with a passion for the game.

NTBOA invites anyone interested in becoming a referee to register for the upcoming basketball season. The association offers on-court training to equip officials with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel and avoid the stress of crucial decisions, which adds to discouragement. By joining NTBOA, individuals have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the local basketball scene, contribute to the growth of the sport, and build lasting connections with fellow officials.

To register for the upcoming season or to learn more about becoming a basketball official with NTBOA, please visit their website at

About North Texas Basketball Officials Association

NTBOA is a chapter dedicated to providing skilled and passionate basketball officials for middle school and high school UIL competitions in North Texas. With a focus on fairness, professionalism, and community involvement, NTBOA is committed to keeping high officiating standards and contributing to the growth and development of the game in North Texas. For media inquiries contact Tim McCallum at