In an effort to bring some joy and laughter during this uncertain time, Equest’s therapy horses are joining the corporate life by making cameo appearances on company video conference calls. Customers can reserve 10 minutes live with one of Equest’s 30 therapy horses – miniature or full-sized – or Taco the miniature donkey, for a $50 donation. Money raised helps support Equest’s mission to provide hope and healing to children and adults with special needs through the human-horse connection.


To schedule a horse appearance, please call 972.412.1099 with the date and time of the video conference, payment information, and horse preference. Equest’s therapy horses can be found at Horses are available weekdays, 9am – 5pm, on a limited basis.   




About Equest

Founded in 1981, Equest provides equine assisted learning, therapies and counseling to children and adults with physical, cognitive, sensory, coping and learning disabilities and veterans with adjustment challenges. The services provided include physical and occupational therapy, equine facilitated counseling and equine assisted learning, therapeutic carriage driving, therapeutic horsemanship and competition. With the help of 30 therapy horses, eight instructors, four therapists, three counselors, and 700 volunteers, lives are changed for more than 2,000 served annually. Equest was the first PATH International Premier Accredited Center in Texas and remains one of the largest in the country. Equest offers an engaging volunteer program that provides 30,000 hours of direct program service opportunities each year.