Lynn Dickinson – Guest Contributor
Nov 15 2014

One of my favorite restaurants around town is East Hampton Sandwich Company in Snider Plaza.  To me, there is nothing better than a great sandwich, and East Hampton gets it right every time.  Theirs are not just ordinary sandwiches - they are unique creations, teeming with delicious originality!

Not only that, but – and I probably shouldn’t reveal this secret – even though the restaurant is very busy any day of the week during lunch, it is surprisingly quiet for dinner.  My family likes to eat there on Friday evenings, as we feel like we have the place to ourselves!  Plus, East Hampton offers something for everyone:  a beer or glass of wine for the adults, soda and chicken nuggets for the little ones and the most incredible thick and crunchy homemade potato chips – it’s impossible not to eat every single one on your plate!  Shh!  Don’t tell anyone!

Personally, my favorite sandwich is the Meyer Lemon Chicken.  The tangy Meyer lemon vinaigrette, which is one of their many homemade sauces, is absolutely addicting!  On top of the vinaigrette-drenched chicken rests a slice of watermelon radish, which adds a delightful crunch that gives the sandwich just the right balance of textures.  It’s not too often you find a sandwich topped with watermelon radish!  East Hampton is bold and creative with its pairings. 

The Meyer Lemon Chicken sandwich is so yummy, it’s hard to consider anything else on the menu!  Thankfully, there is always a “Seasonal Sandwich” posted on the wall behind the cash register, which forces me to consider stepping outside the box.  Currently, the seasonal sandwich truly is sensational!  Called the “Holiday Roast Turkey,” each mouthful whisks you away to your Thanksgiving table.  Only this time, you didn’t spend hours slaving away in the kitchen!  The bun is first layered with greens, then piled high with slices of roasted turkey and crispy onions (just like those you put on your green bean casserole), and finally, topped with black cherry compote (which acts as your cranberry sauce).  The sesame brioche bun, which is spread with sage aioli, completes a perfect package.  As I ate mine, in the middle of a hectic week, the flavors rescued me from the everyday chaos and ignited my holiday spirit.

So the next time you’re hungry, especially for a sandwich, I’d recommend East Hampton.  They aren’t just making sandwiches.  They’re creating masterpieces!