The Park Cities' youngest up-and-coming rock band has released its first single, which is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Drater, a hard rock group that is made up of local students who are not old enough to drive but have a lot of musical talent, is now selling its original song "Break Out" on iTunes for $0.99. (You can listen to a short preview of the song on the iTunes music store before making a purchase.)

"Even though they are only ages 12-14, they have worked extremely hard to write and perform beyond their years (while keeping their grades up)," said Lawrence Schwartz, the father of one of the band members. "There is much more original material on the way — but this is their debut."  

Needless to say, you will be blown away with the band's natural talent when you hear the song. So, jump on the bandwagon early and be sure to support the local group by downloading its first single — you won't regret it.