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The Civil War room.

Providence Christian School of Texas Class Four students celebrated Patriot Week, which culminated with Patriot Day on May 11.   During the week, each student was assigned an American hero to report on and heard from special speakers, many of whom are modern day patriots.

On Friday, May 11, students came dressed in character to participate in different periods of American history. The day started with chapel where Providence dad Donovan Campbell said, “We go back in history to learn about the present including how George Washington spent more time on the battlefield than at his home.” As a decorated military officer, Campbell led three combat deployments as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the Modern Day Patriot room, Laura Thomason, Providence Class Two and Enrichment One mom, spoke about her experience being in the building below the World Trade Center on September 11.  FBI Agent Andre Bires, father of a former Providence student, spoke about investigating bank robberies. Special FBI SWAT Agent Eric Schwethelm then let some of the students try on his gear such as bullet-proof vest, helmet with night scope, and gas mask.

In the World War II room, Captain Charles Mohrle captivated students with tales of his courageous ventures as a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps during that war.  He shared photographs from his service and 97 combat missions in the European Theater boldly reminding the children that their freedom did not come easily or without a cost.

While portraying significant historical characters such as President Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, General U.S. Grant, and Miss Louise Wigfall (a Southern belle), parents welcomed Providence's student patriots into a Civil War general's headquarters tent. A confederate soldier emptied his haversack and showed students that only the most necessary items were carried by a typical soldier including "hardtack" dry biscuits, a tin cup, utensils, and a pocket Bible.  The Civil War—the first modern war utilizing war tactics, the draft, railroads and the telegraph—was the country's most gruesome war, with one in every four men dying from 1861 to 1865.  

In the American Inventions room, Albert Einstein greeted the students and told about several of his inventions. Students then deciphered Morse code, had a bubble gum blowing contest, and reviewed inventions of the last century.

During lunch, “Bing Crosby” and the “Andrew Sisters” serenaded the students and their families, while the Class Seven students did the jitterbug.  After that, students competed by class in Patriot Games including the military crawl, mine area, hand grenade toss, parachute jump, velocity run, fatigue relay, and sprint to the finish.

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