BubbleLife Staff – BubbleLife Staff
Feb 27 2014
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This isn't another "Best of Dallas" survey. At BubbleLife, we're interested in your neighborhood and your news. In the same way, we want to know what's best in your hometown. We know that when you're craving a juicy burger, you don't want to make a commute. You're searching for the best on your block, and we're here to help.  

If you had visitors in town, where would you suggest they spend a sunny afternoon? Where is the best place to throw the baseball with your kids? These are the types of questions you'll see with Best of Bubblelife. We're not searching for the best manicurist in town. We want to know why you love living where you live. What makes your neighborhood different from any other in the metroplex? 

Each week from March 1 to June 20, you'll find a survey question in BubbleLife's local newsletters and on our local news sites. By answering this question, you're helping us create a guide of the best finds in your hometown. With the Best of BubbleLife results, we're hoping to create a rich resource for our readers. This way, a Plano native visiting Trophy Club will know how to spend the day. 

A few things to keep in mind:

Anyone can vote in any neighborhood. Let's say you live in Grapevine, but love to dine in Uptown. We invite you to join the conversation no matter where you live. 

You can only vote once per survey. We try to keep the surveys fair, but feel free to vote in as many communities as you'd like. 

Invite your friends to vote. Everyone's opinion matters, so share the surveys via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. 

You can add your own survey to responses. If you don't see your favorite hot spot as an option, you can enter it in and tell us why you think it should be on the list. 

The more opinions we have, the better. So share the surveys and add your comments on Facebook. At the end of each week, we'll reveal the Best of BubbleLife results. 

Now is the time to tell us what makes your community special, so start voting!