With the city of Dallas breaking a sweat assembling plans for a new federally funded modern streetcar line to travel across the Trinity River to Oak Cliff the rest of urban Dallas might be left to wonder how the rest of us might get around those short trips between districts. Sure we all live large and drive big cars, this is Texas after all, but e-frogs has joined the parade of new transportation options in urban Dallas. As simply stated all over the e-frogs website "Call or text 469-432-4055...Tell us pick-up time and location" and e-frogs will be there to traverse the rough and tumble Dallas roads to get you to your destination. Keep in mind your chariot will be a environmentally friendly battery/electric powered shuttle much like the limited destination Art Cart shuttles introduced last year. The company is headquartered here in Dallas and is excited to expand with the growing urban Dallas network of districts listing "Downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum, One Arts Plaza area, Uptown, Knox Henderson, Dallas Design District" as its growing areas to serve. For now you can find a Google map on the company website of the areas they are initially reaching which includes most of the districts I stated above allowing even the most urban Dallas pioneer to go even farther without revving up their gas guzzler SUV.