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A tray from Owens & Hull at Grand Champion.Owens & Hull at Grand Champion combines the best of Atlanta’s barbecue tradition with Texas attitude. Robert Owens and Bryan Hull came up through two different schools of barbecue. Owens cut his teeth in the kitchen of foundational joint Sam & Dave’s BBQ, in Marietta, Georgia, starting in 2007. He left the restaurant in 2011 to open Grand Champion BBQ. Hull debuted his pop-up, Secret Pint, in Atlanta in 2021 after taking a couple courses at Goldee’s Barbecue, in Fort Worth. “I wouldn’t be where I am without those guys,” Hull said. He’d watch instructional videos while working as an audio engineer recording audiobooks. Hull decided last year that he was ready to dedicate his life to barbecue, and Owens wanted an infusion of energy,…

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