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Lawry's seasoned saltTexas barbecue’s reputation is built on beef, wood smoke, and salt-and-pepper seasoning. And while kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper are the backbone of briskest at most joints in the state, there are often more ingredients added. Inside the prep rooms of several top-ranked pitmasters, there’s also commercially produced seasoned salt.Last June, Jonny White released a video on his Jirby BBQ YouTube channel describing his method for brisket seasoning. He’s the pitmaster and co-owner of Goldee’s Barbecue in Fort Worth, which Texas Monthly recently named the best barbecue joint in Texas. He held up three containers: one with kosher salt, one with coarsely ground black pepper, and another filled with Lawry’s seasoned salt, which White called the “best secret ingredient in barbecue.” Holding the…

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