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National Geographic’s newest series, Photographer, follows the stories of some of the world’s most prolific photographers—including longtime Texas Monthly contributor Dan Winters. Winters is one of the most celebrated feature photographers in Texas Monthly‘s 51-year history. His iconic, moody style first graced our cover back in 1998, and most recently in December 2022. Winters’ Central Texas studio was also the subject of a 2018 Style & Design article.Michael Crommett (right) films Dan Winters as he prepares to take a photograph.Courtesy of National Geographic/Gene GalleranoDan Winters gets his shirt adjusted for an interview.Courtesy of National Geographic/Gene GalleranoFor each episode, a photographer is paired with one of today’s leading documentary filmmakers, resulting in a masterful visual storytelling experience. The Dan Winters episode, “Life is Once. Forever.,” will…

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