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The Aldakur RobotSystems Der Gera¨t (a.k.a. trompo bot) inside Ro-Ho Pork & Bread.National Geographic’s television series Superstructures: Engineering Marvels features Volkswagen’s 70 million-square-foot plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. The episode leads viewers through a meticulously planned and monitored production system reliant on precision robotics and automation in gleaming environs. It doesn’t take long for viewers to wonder: where are the workers? They’re everywhere, just out of sight. Engineers supervise machines from quiet rooms, while articulated arms assemble car parts. At other points, segments are carried along a track hanging from the ceiling. It’s at the end of the car’s production process that humans finally appear. They make the last fittings and inspections before the cars roll off the line for testing. The exactness of the robots’ work is impressive, but the final product still requires a human touch.While…

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