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Valentine's Day Menu.jpg Open Palette's Valentine's Day menu is available on Saturday, February 13, and Sunday, February 14.

Open Palette at Sheraton Dallas Hotel is offering a special three-course Valentine’s Day menu for guests and Dallas locals to celebrate love and recognize the holiday. The menu features three courses including a salad, ribeye and lobster with vegetables, and white chocolate mousse as well as a special chocolate cocktail all for $69 per person. 

The menu will be available on Saturday, February 13, and Sunday, February 14. Open Palette is open from 4pm to 10pm both nights. To contact the restaurant, please call 214-922-9000.

The Valentine’s Day menu will be in addition to the dinner and beverage menus that Open Palette offers. 

Open Palette is Sheraton Dallas Hotel’s signature restaurant and bar offering fresh, flavorful American classics inspired by the hotel’s Dallas roots. There is a wide selection of domestic, imported and local beers as well as wines that are available at Open Palette's bar. Many cocktails are also on the menu to choose from. 

The Sheraton Dallas Hotel is the largest hotel in North Texas with 1,840 guest rooms and 230,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and is located in Downtown Dallas. It recently underwent a renovation in November 2019. The hotel is conveniently located in the city’s downtown district, near Dallas Arts District, American Airlines Center, Fair Park and the diverse Deep Ellum neighborhood.

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Open Palette - Feb. 7 Specials.JPG

Open Palette’s Bar in Sheraton Dallas Hotel is offering drink and food specials this Sunday, February 7th. Join Open Palette to cheer on your favorite team, watch the entertaining commercials and tune in for the halftime show while enjoying drink and food specials.

The specials at Open Palette’s Bar include:

  • $1 off on all draft beer

  • $25 bucket of domestic beer

  • 15% off Open Palette’s regular dinner menu (dine-in only)

Open Palette is Sheraton Dallas Hotel’s signature restaurant and bar offering fresh, flavorful American classics inspired by the hotel’s Dallas roots. There is a wide selection of domestic, imported and local beers as well as wines. Many cocktails are also on the menu to choose from. 

The Sheraton Dallas Hotel is the largest hotel in North Texas with 1,840 guest rooms and 230,000 square feet of flexible meeting space and is located in Downtown Dallas. It recently underwent a renovation in November 2019. The hotel is conveniently located in the city’s downtown district, near Dallas Arts District, American Airlines Center, Fair Park and the diverse Deep Ellum neighborhood. 

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Texans Can Academies.jpeg Texans Can Academies students with Friend Nate Levine. This photo was taken before the pandemic.

With Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week here this January 25-29, 2021, Texans Can Academies is committed to ensuring that students recognize and reflect on the gravity of this time in history and that they be given the opportunity to discuss their personal experiences with intolerance from others. 

Leading Texans Can Academies’ Holocaust curriculum is experienced educator Sara Rivera, who heard the call for human rights education from Texans Can Academies’ leadership and recognized the talent in their social studies teachers. “We have excellent social studies teachers,” Rivera said. She was amazed at the commitment each displayed as they helped students appreciate the role of upstanders, those who intervene in the face of evil at great risk to themselves. “Many of the resources Texans Can Academies teachers use,” she said, “come from the wealth available through the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.”

A major supporter of Texans Can Academies’ recent approach to Holocaust education is philanthropist and advocate Nate Levine. Along with his wife, Ann, Levine has been honored by the museum through its Ann and Nate Levine Family Center for Education for their dedication to advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference, as well as their strong commitment to education.

Since 2018, Levine has acted as docent to the students of Texans Can Academies and has helped aid the organization’s teachers in all five of its major communities to attend online training to strengthen their Holocaust curriculum. Scholarships have also been granted to cover bus and train fees for Texans Can Academies students to tour the museum. 

Rivera recalled how one of the special projects created by two Texans Can Academies students in the style of an Anne Frank diary remains a personal treasure of Levine, who displayed it at the opening of the museum’s new building. Texans Can Academies is grateful to Levine for the deep, personal interest he has taken in the education of Texans Can Academies students.

Rivera said she’s learned a great deal since she assumed charge of the school’s Holocaust curriculum. “A lot of our students are immigrants,” she said, “who appreciate both the push and pull factors that lead people to migrate from one place to another. The stories and experiences many Texans Can Academies students have,” she noted, “prepare them to connect well with the themes the museum endeavors to communicate.” In the future, Rivera hopes to expand the curriculum beyond social studies to include readings that might be guided by Texans Can Academies’ English department. 

The Texas Holocaust Remembrance Week was established last year to bring awareness of the Holocaust and other genocides to Texas students, educators, and the general public by ensuring availability of resources, and in doing so imbue in individuals a sense of responsibility to prevent future atrocities and uphold human value.


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Texans Can Academies Board of Trustees

In times of challenge and triumph, we look to our leaders for guidance. The school board at Texans Can Academies, a unique network of 14 dropout prevention and recovery schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, has gone above and beyond this year to ensure that the non-profit organization’s staff has all the resources needed to continue to provide excellent and customized academic instruction for its at-risk student population.  

During the pandemic, the board has convened more frequently to ensure the schools are safe environments to teach and learn, reviewing each campus’ physical operations to support social distancing and CDC guidelines. Texans Can Academies would like to extend a special and big thank you to their hard-working and dedicated school board members during School Board Recognition Month. 

Texans Can Academies’ governing Board of Trustees is a group of talented volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to the non-profit school system. As board members, they are expected to provide management, oversight and governance for all Texans Can Academies schools comprising nearly 5,000 students, all on a volunteer basis. The board also oversees America Can! Cars for Kids, the vehicle-donation program that raises much needed funds each year to support the students of Texans Can Academies.

Thanks to the devoted support and resources of these community leaders, Texans Can Academies can fulfill its mission of providing the highest quality education for all students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting in order to ensure their economic independence. 

Many thanks, love and gratitude go to:

  • Chairman of the Board, Mr. Rudy Oeftering

  • Vice Chairman of the Board, Ms. Regina M. Thompson

  • Secretary of the Board, Anna M. Torres 

  • Treasurer of the Board, Michael T. Casey

  • Board Member, Robert Nelson, MD

  • Board Member, Penny Rayfield


Texans Can Academies teachers got a special note of encouragement over the holiday season from one of Dallas’s shining stars. Throughout 2020, teachers worked tirelessly to keep their students engaged and learning despite mounting challenges. At Texans Can Academies, teachers found themselves working overtime to ensure their students would stay on the path for graduation. Not only did this dedicated team of educators provide computers for virtual learning and school supplies, but they also worked to provide other vital resources like food and counseling to keep students healthy and encouraged through one of their most difficult times. This work continues.

Texans Can Academies is a unique network of 14 dropout prevention and recovery schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio dedicated to providing the highest quality education for all students, especially those who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. The work Texans Can Academies has done through the COVID-19 pandemic is an extension of its mission to ensure its students’ economic independence. During a time when economic pressures threaten to pull students away from school, that mission is more urgent than ever.

One Dallas resident taking notice of all the hard work is Mark Cuban, philanthropist, entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner. In a video shared with a teacher at Texans Can Academies, Cuban praised the educators for their hard work and thanked them for teaching Dallas’s students. Cuban also shared words of encouragement saying, “the best is right around the corner.” After encouraging Texans Can Academies to persevere in teaching Dallas youth, Cuban declared that “we have a lot to look forward to” and promised future fun and a sense of normalcy soon at Mavericks games. 

In a time of uncertainty and unremitting challenges, it is heartwarming to hear words of praise and kindness from one of Dallas’s biggest stars. The staff at Texans Can Academies enters 2021 grateful for this outpouring of support as it continues to graduate thinkers.

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Prism Health North Texas (PHNTX) is working to fight the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS in the North Texas community with a new Anti HIV Stigma campaign. The largest AIDS organization in North Texas launched the campaign as part of their decades-long efforts to push for awareness, acceptance, and kindness for HIV positive members of the community.


HIV stigma is the term for negative attitudes, beliefs, and judgements about people living with, perceived to be living with, or at risk for HIV. Stigma has been an issue since the HIV/AIDS epidemic began. Lack of knowledge, fear, and the spreading of public rumors are among the many causes of HIV stigma. Although there have been great advancements in HIV prevention and treatment, there are still misconceptions about HIV that continue to fuel stigma today.


“There have been tremendous strides made in HIV treatment and prevention, but HIV stigma is still prevalent today – even within the LGBTQ+ community,” said Tri Truong, Marketing Manager for Prism Health North Texas. “We are publishing online conversations with experts and community leaders about HIV stigma and the role it plays in different communities and cultures. Our goal is to normalize HIV as a manageable health condition and encourage open and honest conversations about HIV.”


The campaign, headlined by messaging that those with HIV deserve health care, acceptance, life, and love, is sponsored in part by the Southern AIDS Coalition’s SPARK! (Southerners Promoting Awareness, Resources, & Knowledge) Grant initiative. 


“These messages were crafted with the friends and family of someone living with HIV in mind. It is letting their loved ones know that a person living with HIV still deserves acceptance, love, to live, and access to quality health care,” Truong added. “Having a conversation about HIV can be difficult, but it is the first step to learn about HIV and dispel any myths about HIV.”


  • I deserve acceptance: Ending HIV stigma begins with open conversations. Clear communication breaks down misconceptions and stereotypes about people living with HIV. This work creates the path to acceptance. 

  • I deserve health care: Finding HIV care, treatment, and education can be difficult, and it can be expensive, especially without insurance. There are countless organizations and programs in our community that provide quality HIV care in a safe and affirming place, many at low to no cost.

  • I deserve to live: Life doesn’t stop with an HIV positive diagnosis. With HIV treatment, people living with HIV can continue to live their life. Dancing, working out, having a great sex life - there are no limits.

  • I deserve love: An HIV positive diagnosis shouldn’t change how much someone is loved and supported.


North Texans can learn more about PHNTX’s efforts to fight HIV stigma at or they can tune into the organization’s weekly podcast series, Beneath the Briefs, for a five part series on HIV that includes deep discussion of stigma and how to address it.


The campaign is supported by a grant from the Southern AIDS Coalition through the Gilead COMPASS Initiative®. Gilead Sciences, Inc. has had no input into the development or content of these materials.”


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Texans Can Academies - Dallas North.jpg

On Thursday, December 17, the Texans Can Academies - Dallas North campus distributed 20 hams and 40 winter coats to their high school students in need. The items were given to students who otherwise might not have a holiday meal to enjoy with their family and are in need of a new coat to stay warm this winter. 

The schools also purchased toys to give to their students with young children in order for them to be able to have something wrapped under the tree for their kids. 

Texans Can Academies - Dallas North’s staff purchased the hams, coats and toys and then hosted a drive-through distribution outside in front of the campus, located at 9704 Skillman St., Dallas, TX 75243, to distribute the items to students and their families who have notified the school that they are in need. 

The majority of Texans Can Academies students live below the poverty line and are in need of basic necessities. Texans Can Academies aims to ensure every student has the opportunity to pursue their dreams while removing barriers that keep them from attaining their education.

Texans Can Academies are a unique network of 14 dropout recovery schools located in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Six of the campuses are in the Dallas area. The schools are tuition-free, open enrollment, public high schools of choice serving students who have struggled in a traditional high school setting. 

For more information, or


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As children returned to school this year, the hottest back-to-school item was, you guessed it, a face mask. Brightly colored masks in every cartoon character from Disney to Nickelodeon will paraded through schools among new backpacks, markers and glitter. 

No matter the age, face masks are difficult for children to use consistently. Children take them off, they lose them, accidentally throw them away, it is a never ending cycle. One Fort Worth mom, Josefina Huitron, decided she had enough of the never ending cost and search for masks at her house. After each of her six sons had lost a mask or two she decided to begin making her own. For many people with large families, continuously supplying their loved ones with a mask is a pricey job. 

I started making masks because I had to keep buying them for all my boys and it got expensive. If they lose them I have to go buy more, so I just decided to make the masks instead,” said Josefina Huitron, mother of a Fort Worth Texans Can Academies student. “More importantly, I decided to make the masks for others because I didn't want any child to catch and suffer from this virus because they didn’t have protection.”

In light of COVID-19 and strapped for funds, Josefina Huriton began to sew facemasks in hopes of protecting her children and making a few extra bucks. Once Texans Can Academies learned that Josefina was making masks for her boys and those in need, they enlisted her to sew masks for the Fort Worth school students and faculty. With school for Texans Can Academies starting in person sessions, having masks available at school became more important than ever. 

“If a child arrives at school without a mask the school can give them one,” said Josefina. “I want to prevent the kids from getting the virus at school.” 

Texans Can Academies requires all students to wear a face covering while they are on campus.  In keeping with their culture of providing services to their students along with academic instruction, they are provided masks to anyone who needed one. 

“We don't want there to be any barriers for a student to return to class when they are ready,” said James Ponce, Superintendent for Texans Can Academies. “We provide a lot of out-of-classroom services to our students such as uniforms, school supplies, medical and dental needs, so making masks available made perfect sense to us.  And being able to provide supplemental income to one of our Texans Can parents for making them for us, is a huge bonus.” 

Knowing the nature of her children, Josefina created a rule that requires all of her six boys to carry two masks with them at all times. One to wear and one in their pocket. She is working her hardest to ensure that her family stays safe and is thrilled to do her part to provide safety to other children.  

This summer, Josefina made over 100 masks for the Texans Can Academies. Because of Josefina, students that arrive at Texans Can Academies without a mask will receive a mask at no cost and remain safe. 

For more information about Texans Can Academies and their initiatives to provide a healthy on-campus environment as students return to school,  please visit


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Open Mkt. Grab 'n Go, inside Sheraton Dallas Hotel in Downtown Dallas, is offering two holiday desserts available for pick-up, their Bailey’s Crème Brûlée Cake and Eggnog Cheesecake. Orders must be placed by December 20th to pick-up on December 24th between 2:00-6:00pm. Orders can be placed by phone at 214-922-0374. 


  • Bailey's Crème Brulee Cake (serves 14 people) - $48

  • Eggnog Cheesecake (serves 14 people) - $48

Open Mkt. provides a wide assortment of options for those on-the-go offering fresh bites including sandwiches, wraps, salads and other items made from scratch for guests to enjoy. 

Sheraton Dallas Hotel is the largest hotel in North Texas with 1,840 guest rooms, 230,000 square feet of flexible meeting and convention spaces. The hotel is perfectly situated in downtown Dallas.

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Have you heard the news? Dallas Uptown is getting a new, upscale hotel, Marriott Dallas Uptown. The 14-story, 255 guestroom hotel is slated to open in late January 2021 and will be the first Marriott property that will open with the latest generation Marriott room design. The updated design features modern furnishings, energy conserving lighting and temperature control systems and efficient room layouts. 

Marriott Dallas Uptown is located at the intersection of Fairmount and Carlisle, just steps away from Katy Trail, the Turtle Creek Corridor and entertainment. Various aspects of the hotel pays homage to the Uptown culture, highlighting the K-T route of the Union Pacific Railroad, natural foliage and people who live, work and play in the area

Along with the hotel, new restaurant offerings will be offered to the neighborhood.

  • Good graces, a full service modern brasserie ideal for enjoying a glass of wine and charcuterie 

  • Vicinity Coffee, powered by Starbucks will be the perfect stop for a breakfast on the go or daily coffee fix

A full service ground floor restaurant and a casual all-day café + lobby lounge, fitness center and pool deck with panoramic views provide a contemporary environment for working, relaxing and entertaining.

At Marriott Dallas Uptown, the health and safety of guests is of the utmost importance. The hotel will follow the strict, Commitment to Clean guidelines set forth by Marriott International, designed to meet the health and safety challenges presented by COVID-19. Highlights of the guidelines include requiring face coverings in all public areas, enhanced cleaning practices and contactless guest services. 

The hotel is within walking distance of multiple retail/office/entertainment/leisure hubs such as Katy Trail, the Crescent, the Quadrangle, McKinney Avenue, Knox-Henderson, Turtle Creek Corridor, Highland Park Village, Oak Lawn, Arts District, Klyde Warren Park and downtown Dallas.  The property is designed to be its own destination within the remarkable Uptown District, but its prime location will most certainly deem it a starting and ending point to countless activities in the area.