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DALLAS, TX – February 2011 - William Noble Rare Jewels and Highland Park Village announced today that they will be continuing their partnership for many years to come in Highland Park Village.  In addition, Noble Boutique will be moving to William Noble Rare Jewels main operation on the 3rd floor of its 100 Highland Park Village location effective February 15, 2011.  Noble Boutique will still be accessible worldwide through its E-Boutique available at www.williamnoble.com.

Ray Washburne and Stephen Summers, partners in Highland Park Village, approached Bill Noble last year with the concept of consolidating both locations into one.  “We are in a very fortunate position to have high demand for our retail space,” says Summers “and we believe this is a win-win for both sides.”  Washburne adds,  “We believe that William Noble Rare Jewels is not only a Dallas institution, but one of the best jewelers in the United States.”

Bill Noble said “We will not be eliminating the Noble Boutique concept but will be taking it into two new areas: upstairs in our main location and into a virtual online store.  We will also continue to focus on our core business, which is estate jewelry, diamonds, manufacturing and wholesale. Noble Boutique has been successful and the new economies of scale will make us even more efficient and successful.”  Noble added, “We have been here 30 years and God willing we will be here for another 30 years.”

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