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Small-town service isn’t something associated with a thriving city such as Dallas.  Stop by Dougherty’s Pharmacy, though, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported many decades back, to a much simpler time.

In a world of chain retailers, Dougherty’s Pharmacy is a true holdout.  Since 1929, Dougherty’s has provided customers with personalized service, making sure that every need, from over-the-counter medications to gifts, is met.  With two locations, one on Preston Road and Royal Lane in Preston Hollow and the other located in the Forest Park Medical Center, Dougherty’s is known endearingly by customers throughout the Metroplex and beyond as “the pharmacy that has everything.”  Dougherty’s stocks countless medications that most chain pharmacies don’t even consider carrying due to the liability associated with certain medications.  

In fact, registered pharmacist and Dougherty’s Clinical Diabetes Specialist Brad Harrison says that he gets multiple customer referrals daily from chains knowing Dougherty’s carries a prescription they do not.

Dougherty’s efficiency and booming business is a testament to its dependability.  The pharmacy fills between 800 to 1,000 prescriptions daily, with a monthly average of 19,000 prescriptions filled.  Dougherty’s is obviously doing something right.

Though the pharmacy’s customer service philosophy may be simple, its technology and resources are ahead of the curve.  Dougherty’s makes a name for itself in the pharmacy industry by providing services and medications that most pharmacies do not.  One of the largest compounding centers in the Southwest, Dougherty’s is one of the few pharmacies in the DFW area that does compounding.  They offer sterile and non-sterile compounding services, meaning they are able to create unique prescriptions based on customer needs. 

Whether the patient needs a different dosage of medication than is typically available, an ingredient taken out due to an allergy, or the medication altered to a different form, such as from a solid pill to a liquid medication, Dougherty’s is able to accommodate the requests.

Interestingly, Dougherty’s provides veterinary meds, even providing compounding services for the Dallas Zoo, creating medications for exotic animals including gorillas, sharks and elephants.  The pharmacy is able to flavor medications specifically to the animals’ liking, so they often create chicken and beef flavored drugs for zoo animals and customers’ pets.

In addition to its state-of-the-art pharmacy, complete with a prescription-filling robot, Dougherty’s offers an incredible Health and Wellness Center.  Focusing on diabetes education, the Center offers courses and nutritional guidance to give those with diabetes a helpful resource to combat the disease.

The diabetes team, comprised Brad Harrison, Strategic Planning Manager Kelly Powers, and registered dietician and Clinical Diabetes Specialist Anjani Upponi, directs the Diabetes Management Program.  The program provides a wide variety of diabetes courses, ranging from glucose pump training to nutrition recommendations.  Customers can attend group courses or personal consultations—whatever is best for their treatment plan. 

There is no shortage of passion from the Diabetes Management team.  It is easily apparent from a 30-minute interview that team members care deeply about their customers’ well being. 

The Dougherty’s team realized there was a lack of diabetes information being distributed to Americans, so they implemented a program to change that for North Texas residents.  “Truly, diabetes is an epidemic,” Harrison says, citing the inspiration behind the Diabetes Management Program. 

“It just made sense for us to do it,” says Powers, adding that if Dougherty’s could help customers understand more about their disease, they could lead a healthier lifestyle and create an opportunity to overcome diabetes.  

Harrison describes a typical diagnosis situation, noting that doctors often don’t have sufficient time (usually no more more than eight or nine minutes) to fully discuss the details of diabetes.  “There’s a huge vacuum in patient info,” he says, explaining that the Diabetes Management team exists to fill that void.

Upponi, Dougherty’s dietician and Clinical Diabetes Specialist, provides an analogy for diabetes’ impact on a person’s life.  She says to imagine driving down a major road such as North Central Expressway and, out of nowhere, a stop sign appears.  In typical Dallas traffic, a stop sign in the middle of US 75 would cause major difficulties.  She equates those traffic difficulties to diabetes-related health issues.  “Diabetes completely disrupts your life,” Upponi says, adding that Dougherty’s goal is to help customers get their health back on track.

With the availability of health screenings in the Health and Wellness Center, the team is a convenient liaison between patient and doctor, as the Center always forwards test results on to physicians.  This process not only keeps doctors in the loop in regards to patient health and progress, but it allows their patient to be informed as well.

Harrison describes the Diabetes Management Program as a one-stop-shop for diabetes patients.  Customers can fill prescriptions, purchase medical equipment and learn about their ailments, all at Dougherty’s.  Services range from large group classes all the way to one-on-one consultations.  “It’s like a concierge service,” Harrison says, describing Dougherty’s commitment to personal service. 

According to the team, it is services like the Diabetes Management Program that sets Dougherty’s apart from your run-of-the-mill pharmacy.  As they are looking into pre-diabetes research, Upponi calls the pharmacy “cutting edge,” while Powers adds that Dougherty’s diversity in the pharmacy industry is the reason behind the company’s survival.  

Powers offers another insight into the Dougherty’s recipe for success: the impeccable customer service.  “Our team genuinely cares about people,” she says.  “We know people’s names.  We have relationships.”

To recognize the compassion of company employees, Dougherty’s implemented a special award based on customer service.  The “Service from the Heart” award allows employees to nominate coworkers based on their superior of customer service.  An award such as this is sure to reinforce the good nature behind Dougherty’s service.

Upponi values the personal relationships and the “quiet dignity” that Dougherty’s provides to customers, and even guarantees great service.  “Customers are assured that someone will listen,” she says. 

Visit Dougherty’s and experience quality small-town service in the big city. 

Dougherty’s is located at 5959 Royal Lane, Suite 515 and 11970 North Central Expressway, Suite 100. 

Photos courtesy of Dougherty's. 


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