Starting a fitness journey can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Trying to figure out a reasonable diet, how much weight to use, or even who to go to for help can all be stressful, but once you find a routine that fits your goals it can feel so rewarding. There are a few common mistakes to avoid when starting your journey. These mistakes can result in injury, frustration, and even throwing in the fitness towel altogether. Body Renovation is here to help you dodge these mistakes and feel like a champ!


Setting unrealistic goals:

Setting unrealistic fitness goals happens quite often. Do you want to lose a large amount of weight within a couple of weeks, increase your bench press by 100 pounds in a month, or do a full split within a week without prior flexibility training? All of these things sound amazing if you ask me, but are they reasonable? Are you setting realistic fitness goals when asking for these things? The answer is no. Being able to set realistic goals for yourself is one of the most important steps when starting an exercise journey. If you set unrealistic expectations it may cause disappointment and injury. If you set realistic goals it can help you make a steady change toward your desired outcome and avoid setbacks. To help set a more realistic plan make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It also helps to break down certain goals into smaller ones first!


Skipping warm-up and cool-down:

Adding a warm-up and cool-down to your workout is essential. These two things are commonly overlooked and underestimated. Your body will appreciate a good stretch a lot more than you think. Your body values a warm-up because it is preparing you for physical activity; while your body values a cool-down because it helps you recover after physical activity. By not using these techniques, you can reduce physical performance and cause muscle stiffness and cramps.


Doing too much too soon:

A common mistake people make is wanting to do too much too soon. It can be very exciting in the beginning, almost like you are a kid in a candy shop again. Imagine yourself going around the shop wanting to try all the flavors all at once. Yet, that ended in stomachaches and in the gym, it can end in injury, fatigue, and burnout. It is important to start slow and gradually work your way up over time. 


Ignoring rest and recovery:

Overtraining and ignoring rest and recovery days can be harmful to your health. It is all about finding the perfect balance. Participating in this common mistake can lead to injury, fatigue, and decreased performance. Rest and recovery days are important because it gives your body and mind a chance to repair and rebuild themselves. 


It’s hard figuring out how to come up with the perfect fitness journey. Yet, that’s the thing it won't be perfect. Although, by avoiding these common mistakes and following along with us at Body Renovation we can not only help you make realistic goals, but achieve them as well! Your fitness lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. With proper guidance, patience, and determination, you can make steady progress toward your goals and overall wellness!


If you are looking for a personal workout and nutrition plan to help you train not just your body, but your mind, please reach out to Body Renovation Fitness Center. Our experts specialize in personal training and nutrition plans to meet your every goal! Feel free to schedule a free evaluation at our website or give us a call at 214-368-3539.

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