This is the perfect gift for any pet owner.

We may have received the absolute perfect gift. Ask any pet owner if they would like a custom pet portrait and I bet they will say YES! Our children had this custom pet portrait made of Sparky and Max and gave it to us for Christmas. Today I am sharing how you can get yours made.

You probably know that Pete and I are empty nesters. One of the things that happens to you when your kids leave home is that your become very attached to your pets. Not that you weren’t before but now they have your full attention. It’s funny to hear our kids tell us that everything in our lives revolves around the dogs (it’s kind of true). We even talk to them as if they understand us and are going to have a conversation with us. Silly, I know. So you see why this gift was absolutely the most thoughtful item they could give us.

It started with Taylor asking me to send her 2-3 photos of the dogs. Then she researched various artists on Etsy. I love Etsy because you can literally find anything! Because they wanted to give us one portrait with both dogs in the picture, she chose this artist. Once the portrait was complete, Taylor used Easy Canvas Prints to have it printed and mounted. You can have it printed in a variety of sizes. Ours is 18″ x 24″.  They shipped it to her and she wrapped it. Voila – the perfect gift! We are so thankful that our kids chose to do this.

I am linking you to several artists on Etsy below. Keep this in mind for birthdays and special occasions. Now we will need to get one done of our cat Fuzzy. I don’t want him to feel left out.

I hope you stay bundled up and warm this weekend. It is freaking cold outside!  xoxo – Tanya

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