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Teacup Javelinas Are the Tiny New Texas Critter TrendAubrey Greener remembers seeing her first javelinas while hiking in Big Bend National Park ten years ago. She’d just rounded a corner on the Mule Ears Trail when she came face-to-face with a family of the furry gray ungulates—a mother and two babies, called “reds” because of their reddish fur when they’re young. Greener inadvertently shrieked so loudly (with joy) that she scared them away, but after that day, she couldn’t stop thinking about how adorable the piglike young were.Recently, while on TikTok, Greener abruptly stopped scrolling. On her screen was the tawny fur, tiny hooves, and pink snout of a baby javelina. And wait—was it sleeping on a cozy blanket atop someone’s bed? She kept watching. A voiceover explained that, actually, this wasn’t a…

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