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Performance artist Marisela Barrera in character as The Donkey Lady on the set of her new talk show.“She’s watching, you know,” says performance artist Marisela Barrera as we prepare for our Q&A with San Antonio’s infamous Donkey Lady. “Well, actually, it’s probably too hot for her right now. If she’s around, it’s gonna take some convincing before she wants to come out.”The legend of the Donkey Lady is hyperlocal—hegemonic in San Antonio, practically unheard of in other parts of the state. While the details of the myth are varied, the general story goes that the Donkey Lady began as a woman on San Antonio’s South Side who earned her moniker after her head and hands were disfigured in a fire, causing them to resemble a snout and hooves. For the last several decades—how many, to be exact, is disputed—she’s been cursed to…

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