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San Antonio Taco TrailThis story was originally published in November 2020 and has been updated.The River City is the cradle of Tex-Mex, and its tacos reflect that fact. First and foremost, there are the city’s breakfast tacos. Or as San Antonians call them, tacos. There are also puffy tacos—the taco’s full name is the San Antonio–style puffy taco. The minor league San Antonio Missions baseball team even has a puffy taco mascot. Tacos are everywhere, including delectable barbacoa tacos. So beloved is the dish that there is an annual Barbacoa & Big Red Festival.Tacos de guisados at Camelia’s Taqueria.Photograph by José R. RalatCamelia’s TaqueriaEven though tacos de guisados are rising in popularity around the state, Camelia’s guisados stand out. The restaurant is easy to find—it’s just around the…

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