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Meats and sides from Barbs-B-Q in Lockhart.Never has a new barbecue joint in Texas been more highly anticipated than Barbs-B-Q in Lockhart. None in the trio of Chuck Charnichart, Haley Conlin, and Alexis Tovias had run a barbecue joint before, but their faces and their story were widely known before they opened their doors for the first time in May. I bought Garden & Gun magazine’s Best of Texas issue at an airport in January to see its feature on Barbs (the name is a play on hip-hop star Nicki Minaj’s fanbase, called the Barbz), and they were still five months from opening. If expectations weren’t high enough for first-time visitors, the New York Times led its story on Texas barbecue’s superiority with a profile of Barbs after just six days…

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