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A spread from City Limits Barbeque in South Carolina.“No gross parts” is printed in parentheses next to hash and rice on the menu at City Limits Barbeque in West Columbia, South Carolina. Hash is like a cooked-down barbecue stew, and it’s a standard side dish in the state. It’s traditionally made with the parts of a whole hog—including the liver and the head—that aren’t chopped for sandwiches. At City Limits, owner and pitmaster Robbie Robinson doesn’t start with a whole hog, but he still wants his hash to taste like more than just stewed pulled pork. He grinds pork shoulder (smoked in a Texas-built Klose smoker), house-cured bacon, and brisket together, and mixes the meats with his own South Carolina–style, mustard-based barbecue sauce. It’s likely the only hash in South Carolina with brisket…

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