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Cooked brisket in a foil boat.When Bradley “Chud” Robinson started his new job in the pit room of the late Freedmen’s in Austin in 2015, he couldn’t find any butcher paper. As a backyard cook, he had copied the ways of Aaron Franklin, whose brisket-wrapping videos have probably sold more butcher paper than actual butchers have. Freedmen’s pitmaster Evan LeRoy (now co-owner of LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue) told Robinson he preferred to use foil. Instead of wrapping the brisket with it, he built foil boats, which are like aluminum jackets to keep the bottoms and sides of the briskets protected and the tops exposed in the smoker. Robinson was incredulous. “The number one best barbecue joint in the world, just two miles from here, is doing a completely different process,”…

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