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Texas Brands: Mattress Mack v. SpaceXWhich Texas brand is the most iconic? This March Madness, Texas Monthly is asking readers to cast their votes.One is a self-promoting narcissist who pals around with far-right extremists, picks feuds with public officials, and has a cultlike following. The other owns Twitter and much of Tesla. Meet Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale and Elon “Elon Musk” Musk. Despite their superficial differences, they have more in common than you might imagine.McIngvale is the Mississippi-born, Dallas-reared proprietor of Gallery Furniture, a three-store chain that includes a sprawling warehouse in north Houston boasting a miniature zoo and a 30,000-gallon aquarium. For nearly four decades, he’s been a ubiquitous presence on local television, thanks to manic commercials in which he hyperventilates about futons while promising to “Save! You! Money!”…

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