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Texas Brand Bracket: Round 2The first round of the Texas Brand Bracket is in the books, and—as happens with all such elimination tournaments—there are some hard losses to accept. How did Purdue feel after they fell to the Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights last week? Bad, clearly, but those of us who have a deep emotional connection to Half Price Books or Taco Palenque can relate. We’ve also seen a handful of upsets, especially in two matchups on the right-hand side of the bracket: Despite the growing empire that is Kendra Scott, the dominant Austin jewelry brand proved no match for the iconic power of Stetson, now in its sixteenth decade of outfitting Texans (and others). Then, in our “Wild Cards” division, the battle between sorta-Texan Elon Musk’s Brownsville-conquering SpaceX…

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