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Which Texas brand is the most iconic? This March Madness, Texas Monthly is asking readers to cast their votes.I had my first sip of Big Red this year, at age 31, not with barbacoa, as is recommended, but with Impossible “Chicken” Nuggets during a hastily thrown-together lunch.I’ll be honest, I’m not a good Texan—though I spent much of my childhood here, I was tainted by my time living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a pescatarian and languish even in 85-degree weather. Mosquitos treat me like a buffet. I don’t own cowboy boots. And my go-to “soda” is an ashwagandha-blackberry “Adaptonic” with six grams of sugar that I should probably get bullied for (head to the comment section below). But, upon hearing that I had never…

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