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working life IV Fluids Therapist Jon BarnhillJon Barnhill, who is 35, owns the drip-therapy business IV Bird. He provides at-home hydration treatment for Austin’s wellness enthusiasts and hard partiers.I was a firefighter paramedic before this. Austin Fire—the best in the state. I loved it, but the lifestyle is tough: 24-hour shifts; you miss birthdays, Christmas. I was in therapy and going on this tirade about how dissatisfied I was. My therapist told me, “Let’s write your two weeks’ notice right now.” I wrote it, and I left the fire department without a real plan.I started working for a friend who had an IV company, providing holistic medicine. It was a breath of fresh air to meet clients, and—unlike the folks you see as a firefighter—it’s not the worst day of their…

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