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Pastries from Baked bakery in Castroville.“If your croissant is not messy and crunchy and all over the place, it is not a croissant,” said Grecia Ramos, owner of the new Baked bakery in Castroville. She contends that we’ve become too accustomed to the pale, soft, doughy versions from drive-thru windows and big box stores that are engineered for tidy, crumb-free consumption during the morning commute. “You should be finding pieces of croissant in your car three days later,” she added. Baked opened at the end of October on the same day as its sister restaurant, Blu Lacy Smokehouse, owned by the team behind the famed 2M Smokehouse in San Antonio: Joe Melig and Esaul Ramos, Grecia’s husband. The bakery and barbecue joint pairing only sounds peculiar until you dig in.…

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