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Roar of the Crowd: January 2024Why’d You 86 South Texas?I read your story on beloved local eateries [“The Good Place,” November 2023] but saw few from deep South Texas. I’m recommending a sweet and cozy neighborhood deli—yes, a deli—in McAllen. It’s the New York Deli, owned and operated by hardworking Gilbert Rendon, who serves excellent food. Never had anything there we didn’t love, and we always feel comfortable among all the Beatles decor and memorabilia.  Elva M. Cerda, McAllenLamentations for the Methodist ChurchI can relate to the story on “The Disunited Methodist Church” [November 2023]. Last year, the Bluff Dale United Methodist Church canceled my membership after its leaders voted to disaffiliate from the UMC. I grew up in that church, walked down the aisle as a bride, saw two…

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