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Roar of the Crowd: March 2024What the Hullabaloo?I read your “interview” with Ol’ Sarge in the “Bum Steers of the Year” [January 2024], and I wasn’t amused. I graduated from Texas A&M in the middle of the last century. I’m familiar with the Ol’ Sarge character, and he never would have said the words attributed to him in your article.Ol’ Sarge was tough, he was gruff, and he was demanding. When we failed to meet his expectations, he held us accountable for our mistakes. Ol’ Sarge would take cadets who were not suited for the spartan life or the rigid discipline of the Corps of Cadets and counsel them to seek an education at a less demanding institution, like TU.Aggies enjoy a good laugh, and we encourage everyone to laugh…

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